SolBridge believes in "a healthy mind in a healthy body". There are services both on and off-campus that are available to students. Please contact Student Services if there is something that you require. Please make sure that you keep your Health Care card safe and handy at all times. It will be useful if you need any emergency services or medical assistance, and it contains information that will allow the service provider to get in touch with SolBridge should you be unable to communicate with the medical staff.

On Campus


During SolBridge office hours, there is always someone available to assist you in an emergency. Please contact Student Services on the 5th floor if you need to use our first aid supplies.

After office hours (or if you are unable to reach Student Services), please call our 24-hour emergency number at 010-2569-**** for assistance. Depending upon the type of emergency, the on call Student Services Officer will direct you to the nearest qualified medical professional in your neighborhood, or travel with you to ensure you get the medical aid you require.

Other Woosong campuses also have first aid facilities, but you have to contact the Administration office for assistance.


The SolBridge International School of Business Learning Complex contains a five-storey sports complex. It includes a health and fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, basketball court and table tennis tables.

Most of the new dormitories have fitness equipment in the building.

Off Campus


There is a wide range of medical services available in the Republic of Korea. However, some of these services are not cheap, nor is it easy to communicate with the medical professional if you do not know Korean. If you require medical assistance, please contact Student Services Officer to assist you.

Some centers where you may find English spoken are listed below:

Chung-nam University General Hospital (충남대병원)
Address: 640 Daesa-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon
(대전광역시중구대사동 640)
Tel: 042-280-7114 / 042-280-8139
Sun General Hospital (선병원)
Located across the street from the Immigration Office
Address:10-7 Mok-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon
(대전광역시중구목동 10-7)
Tel: 042-220-8000 / 042-220-8220
(Jung, Eun-mi정은미 - English speaking interpreter)

Other medical services

Kind of Hospital Hospital Name Hospital Phone Hospital Location
Clinics Dentistry 성남치과
042-633-2804 성남사거리
Dermatology 더웰피부과
042-252-3040 은행동 홍명상가
Obstetrics & Gynecology 가양산부인과
042-623-7766 가양사거리
Internal Medicine 윤내과
042-637-7585 자양동 어학센터근처
Otolaryngology 여재동이비인후과
042-625-6942 성남사거리근처
Hospital 화상 / Orthopedics 대전 화 병원
(HWA Hospital)
042-620-7575 대동역 (원동사거리 방향) 700m
General Hospital General Hospital 성모병원
042-220-9114 대흥동 성모오거리
General Hospital 충남대학교병원
042-280-7123 대사사거리

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