Nurturing Competitive Leaders

Master of Science

Program Details

  • Intake / Spring & Fall


    Spring & Fall

  • Duration / 22 months


    22 months

  • Credits / 45



  • Type / Full-time



  • Format / Offline



  • Language / English



The MS Significance


Globalization, digitalization, and increasing uncertainty create an ever-higher demand for effective and responsible professionals. As a result, organizations seek talents with business acumen and insights dealing with high complexity in today's economy. SolBridge MS Progam offers a unique combination of academic business knowledge, practical relevance, and personal development. 

About the Program


To deliver a comprehensive overview of key business topics, the SolBridge Master of Sciencee (MS) program gives business and non-business graduates the tools to succeed in diverse roles and industries worldwide through a curriculum carefully designed to provide practical, universal business knowledge. Unlock strategic business skills and knowledge, learn to solve real-world business challenges, add depth to your existing undergraduate degree, and prepare to excel throughout your career. 

SolBridge's student-centric MS Programs offer various options to fit each student's interests. Students follow a curriculum designed to develop core business skills and knowledge in the first stage, while the second stage is for electives balancing advanced management courses.
Students can advance in their second year to one of five specializations; Data Analytics, Financial Technology, Management & Technology, Marketing Analytics, or Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

SolBridge's commitment is to provide career-minded individuals with the theories, applied knowledge, and shared experiences in formats conducive to their learning needs. If you are looking for a career-minded graduate program committed to its students, then the SolBridge MS program is the institution for you. As an AACSB-accredited graduate business school, SolBridge is proud to offer diverse graduate programs in management that shape students into future leaders.  


An increasing number of business organizations count on collecting, storing, and processing data to improve their business models and daily operations. As a result, data analysts play a crucial role in supporting more informed decision-making and generating valuable business insights. Students will receive will become well-balanced data analysts equipped with strong statistical, programming and analytical skills.
Whether you are a conventional banking institution or an online platform, mobilizing capital and managing risks is becoming impossible without a sound understanding of technological solutions. To succeed, one must understand and leverage the relevant technology driving the fintech industry, creating hundreds of billions of dollars of value. Students specializing in FinTech will be equipped with robust statistical, programming and financial skills. In addition, students will receive solid exposure to the essential ideas underlying the disruptions in the fintech industry while mastering their understanding of financial theories.
Today’s corporate environment increasingly faces the challenge of hiring managers and analysts whose knowledge and experience connects daily management and technology. Students specializing in Management & Technology will be prepared to become skilled business leaders with a profound understanding of technical knowledge regardless of whether their background is in technology or management studies.
Nowadays, enterprises in various industries collect ever-increasing data on customer characteristics, product features, and market outcomes. Scientific analysis of this data would provide insights that could alter the channel through which enterprises interact with their customers. Students will be nurtured to become professional marketing analysts with statistical, programming, and analytical skills to make data-driven decisions.
Tech companies are in high demand. It is the perfect time to start a tech venture as an entrepreneur. Students will be equipped to lead the development of products from idea to commercialization. They will learn innovation management, advanced entrepreneurship, venture financing, and tech IPs evaluation while being exposed to the unique Daejeon 21st century ecosystem.

MS Goals

  • Produce valuable and relevant academic experiences while complementing in-class learning with real-life local and multinational firms.

  • Unite cutting-edge faculty working in various specializations with students from diverse academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds.

  • Provide the tools to be strategic leaders,
    possess big-picture perspectives,
    and be skilled decision-makers.

  • Enable students to solve business problems for real clients, improve the ability to work in a team, and enhance the ability to solve complex problems: Learning by doing is a DNA at SolBridge MS program.


All-Round Experience


While studying at SolBridge, you will connect with the Korean culture and receive a worldwide experience.
Located in Daejeon, SolBridge is considered the most multicultural institute in the whole country.
It has students from South Korea and other 66 nationalities,
offering an exceptional opportunity for networking and professional & personal growth.

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