Nurturing the Next generation of Global Business Leaders

Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Highlight

  • Intake / Spring & Fall


    Spring & Fall

  • Duration / 22 months


    4 Years

  • Credits / 45



  • Type / Full-time



  • Format / Offline



  • Language / English



About the Program


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a practical and international program designed to help students develop the fundamental business and management skills needed to kick-start their career. BBA students build their academic foundations for developing a successful career by learning key business concepts in their first and second years. They will advance to one of the seven specializations (Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Technology and Innovation, Data Analytics, Sport Management, or K-ACE (Korean Art, Creativity, and Entertainment) or complete a non-specialized general degree in their fourth year. They also can pursue a minor in a foreign language (Korean, Chinese, or Japanese). Students are provided co-curricular opportunities to practice their acquired knowledge and engage in industry-related activities for a smooth and efficient transition into their careers. Students gain a further competitive edge through our Global Challenge Program, where all students take part in an exchange program, an internship, or a capstone project.

SolBridge prides itself on nurturing the next generation of global business leaders. Our graduates should be worldly, adaptable, knowledgeable, and self-assured in their competencies and the recent transformation of the BBA program ensures this. The BBA 2.0 program combines the strongest elements of programs around the world and blends it with our own unique SolBridge vision, and shapes it into what the BBA program is today. A program that stands out as competitive, well-rounded, and globally impactful emphasizing SolBridge GACCS – Global Perspective, Asian Expertise, Cross-Cultural Competence, Creative Management Foundation, and Social Responsibility. This program will give you the edge you need to embrace the role of a global business leader through the following facets; Foundational First-year, MySolBridge platform, Five Career Tracks and Business Practices.

BBA 2.0


A Foundational First-Year

All freshmen will be introduced to the same well-balanced first-year year experience where all courses are fixed for optimal introduction to your academic journey. It’s imperative that students study and master the foundational courses first before moving onto higher-level courses, and SolBridge ensures this by providing students with a well-planned, and well-executed first-year. Freshman will also have the opportunity to form life-long friendships and share in achievements and successes by being a part of cohort.

Five Career Tracks

SolBridge Career Tracks make sure that students are able to compete in a global arena. Students will be guided through their four years of study according to the track they choose. Tracks include: Overseas Job Placement, Job Placement in Korea, Dual Degree Program, Graduate Education, and Entrepreneurship.

My SolBridge

This innovative centralized platform unites students and faculty and fosters a sense of belonging. In my SolBridge, students can access important information, be a part of student life (club activities, workshops, competitions, seminars etc.,) and easily connect with others. Co-curricular pathways and activities are elemental in the success of the SolBridge student. Our professors provide high-quality education in the classroom and we have a team dedicated to providing ample opportunities outside of the class room to enhance learning and to increase field-related competencies.

Business Practice

To ensure students gain experience in global business, students are required to enter into a study-abroad program, exchange program, or internship. By taking part in the Global Challenge, students are offered the unique opportunity to engage with global leaders, experience different cultures, and gain a truly unique international perspective.

Career prospects


The BBA program provides students with key competencies and business skills that prepares them to start a career in different industries. SolBridge graduates have pursued international careers in various industries in Korea as well as overseas. The list below highlights a representative sample of the type of careers SolBridge alumni have embraced.

  • Hospitality Management: International Marketing and Sales, International wine Merchant
  • Banking and Finance: Corporate Banking, Management Associate
  • Consulting: Financial Consultancy (CFA), Audit Tax Consultant
  • Cosmetics: International Marketing and Sales
  • Fintech: Blockchain Specialist
  • Energy: Green Energy Marketing
  • Diplomacy or Government Institutions: Support Executive
  • Entrepreneurship: Culinary Arts, IT services
  • Education: Founder of an educational institution

BBA Career Tracks

At the end of the first year, students choose a career track they wish to pursue after graduating from SolBridge, including job placement in Korea, job placement overseas, starting their own business, dual degree program, or graduate education. They will take focused courses and engage in co-curricular activities that complement the tracks they have chosen, and will be guided by their track advisors until graduation.

  • Track 1: Overseas Job Placement

    Students spend 3-4 years at SolBridge with the goal of getting a job overseas. Job placement may be done with or without existing partnerships at SolBridge. This track ensures that students take the right courses and focuses on getting students into relevant exchange and internship opportunities. This is achieved with the help of SolBridge Career Development Center and Track advisors.

  • Track 2: Job Placement in Korea

    Students interested in living and working in Korea complete their studies at SolBridge to find employment in Korea. International students on this track will be required to take the Intensive Korean Language classes and attain a minimum of TOPIK 4 before graduation in order to ensure successful employment in Korea.

  • Track 3: Dual Degree Program

    This track allows students to spend 2-3 years studying at SolBridge and 1-2 years at one of our partner institutions. Students are required to satisfy all dual degree requirements before moving forward in their destination institution. SolBridge has a network of over 250 partner universities around the world.

  • Track 4: Graduate Education

    Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree will spend 3-4 years at SolBridge and enroll in a Master’s program at another institution (partner or non-partner). Their study will focus on acquiring the appropriate skills such as research abilities and GMAT, as well as gaining the necessary experience through workshops and competitions required for graduate studies.

  • Track 5: Entrepreneurship

    This track is designed for innovators and students interested in starting a business or running a family business in the future. Students will spend the duration of their studies at SolBridge honing their skills on how to effectively startup and run a business. SolBridge will present them with relevant opportunities, including Start-up competitions and entrepreneurial initiatives.


The SolBridge Experience


SolBridge connects you to the rest of the world through our diverse student body from 70 nationalities and extensive network of international partners. While studying at SolBridge, you will connect with Korean culture and receive a worldwide experience. Located in South Korea’s Silicon Valley Daejeon, SolBridge is considered the most multicultural institute in the country, offering an exceptional opportunity for networking and professional growth.

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