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  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Hanseok Park">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Hanseok Park

      This month we are proud to recognize HanseokPark, who graduated from SolBridge almost 10 years ago. He is now working as one of the leading logistics company in the world. He is currently working as a Regional Customer Manager of DHL. This interview is conducted with the help of SolBridge Alumni Association.  Q1. Pleasure to meet you! Could you briefly introduceyourself?Hello! My name is Hanseok Park, and I’m currently at DHLExpress Asia HQ as the Global Operations Manager. It has been nearly 10 yearssince I graduated. It’s a great privilege to be able to share my story with theSolBridge community.Q2: Can you please introduce the company that you areworking?DHL Express is headquartered in Germany and is currently theworld’s leading Air Express company in the industry. With over 120,000 employees,3,500 offices, 300 aircrafts, 34,500 vehicles worldwide, DHL Express operates inapproximately 220 countries. Notably, the air express industry encompasses B2B forwardingand B2C global E-commerce- which has seen recent exponential growth.Q3: How is the day as a Global Operations ManagerMy role is to develop customer needs-based solutions by consultingon the supply chain model, and I coordinate freights with client companies to ensurea seamless operation. You can say that I carry out the Front Door + Back Door responsibilities.Many would be curious on this- but I relatively have a good work-life balance. Sure,with freedom comes responsibilities for the coming year’s sales objectives, I considerthis as fate for all those that work in sales. I also go on a lot of business tripsoverseas, and they are primarily to the Asia region. I primarily focus on Multinational Corporations (MNCs) thatare technology and manufacturing based. Google for example, which is also one ofthe companies I work on- we are delivering the gears for Google Cloud servers, andconsumer electronics such as Pixel and Fitbit to worldwide research labs, servicecenters, franchise stores, Google engineers and consumers.Q4: Are there things we should know about getting a job inthe logistics industry?Employment in the distribution industry is also becoming quitedifficult. Domestically, there are some notable companies such as Samsung SDS, HyundaiGlovis and LX International. Globally- DHL, Fedex, UPS, Kuehne+Nagel, DB Schenker.As maintenance is an integral part of global supply chain, it has potential forinfinite growth. However, Korean industry is based on manufacturing and istherefore in a transitional period. As such the conditions may not be so attractive.Personally, if we were to categorize them as either superior or inferior, they arein the latter- frankly speaking.As such, for those looking for a career in the distribution industry,I recommend looking into global companies. Q5: How did you get in the distribution industry?While I was preparing for employment in a sales position in Indonesia,I had the fortunate opportunity to get in touch with Chairman Kim, Sung Kyung.Chairman Kim later introduced me to a businessman in Indonesia. Upongraduation, I was able to start my sales career in a Korean distributioncompany located in Jakarta- Indonesia’s capital. I would like to take thisopportunity to express my most sincere gratitude to Chairman Kim who providedunyielding support when I was preparing for my first embark in the world ofdistribution.Q6: You were preparing for a sales position in Indonesia? Howdid you prepare so specifically? A: When I was in school, I continuously asked myself thefollowing two questions, and I finally found the answer close to graduationWhat to do?Sales: Not the typical office job, meeting people, ratherthan repeated work, finding new projects and dive into new challengesWhere to be?Indonesia: I want to work in a freer environment than thetypical Korean working culture. I want to leverage my English skills as acompetitive advantage in a non-English country. Even if I begin as a regular staff,I want to work in an environment where I can grow quickly. I don’t know anysecond language so a language that I can quickly learn- Indonesian (BahasaIndonesia)As I narrowed the scope, I could find an area that I want todo, and can do well. In order to get the answers even quicker, I wenttravelling, consulted with my mentors, interacted with international friends, didan internship, took part in various extracurricular workshops and activities.Q7: So you are now in Hong Kong at the DHL Asia office. Any advicefor juniors that want to work overseas?A: Interestingly, I am the first ever Korean to join the HQ’ssales team. This doesn’t mean that the entrance barrier is high, but most of thetime the job opportunity is not sought after because no active research is undertaken,and not many people take up the challenge. This is what I personally fight veryregretful. I hope that students will take full advantage of the SolBridge curriculumand the faculty, as well as the international student body. By doing so, you canconsider many domestic and overseas job opportunities. Also, please take enoughtime to ask yourselves what you need to do to become a global talent.Furthermore, always refine your capabilities and attitude. Inorder to know how much you can contribute to society, you need to have a clearunderstanding of metacognition. You need to regularly put together your achievements,review company’s financial standings, directions, and desired talent, to see ifit aligns with my potentials, capabilities, leadership, as well as continuouslycontemplating on how to improve my strengths and refine my weaknesses.  Q8: Can you share your understanding of Metacognition?Yes. For example, one metrics I use to objectively evaluatemy capabilities is calculating my hourly rate. For example, if an intern ispaid 1 million KRW / month, works 160 hours, the social value would be6,250KRW. Especially for overseas employment, one needs to align theircapabilities and attributes to the country’s cost of living, ethnicity,religion, GDP, growth potential, and decide whether or not it is suitable forthem. As countries have different income tax, one needs to research on thebefore/after tax salary, flights, cost of living, transportation, healthinsurance, accommodation stipend, yearly increase, pension, before salarynegotiations.Q9: What is SolBridge to you?‘Growth Pivot’, SolBridgeWhen I was in school, I was one of those students who lackedEnglish skills. After returning from the military, there were some students whodidn’t view my in a positive light as I tried speaking English to Koreans. Later,students knew of my hard work and struggles, and helped me out a lot as well. SolBridgehas taught me that I lacked in so many ways to do the things I wanted to do. Albeita little late, I received a lot of help to make mid/long-term plans, and I did everythingI could to be recognized as a valuable member in society. SolBridge- my pivotof growth, thank you!If the opportunity allows, I would love to visit SolBridgeand meet the faculty and current students, and share many good stories.To my seniors, juniors, classmates- I wish you the best ofluck in your endeavors, and let’s talk all about it when we have the chance tomeet.Those interested in global careers, please do not hesitateto reach out    


  • SolBridge Job Fair 2023: A Gateway to Career Opportunities">SolBridge Job Fair 2023: A Gateway to Career Opportunities

    Recently, on November 9th, SolBridge International School of Business hosted its annual Job Fair. This event, managed by the Career Development Center (CDC), proved to be a valuableexperience for SolBridgers as they delved into the dynamic job market and hadthe chance to submit applications to some of South Korea's most prominentcompanies. Job Fair 2023 played host to an impressive lineup of over 30companies, ranging from industry giants to innovative startups. Notableparticipants included Gucci Korea, a well-known fashion powerhouse, AdeccoKorea—a Fortune-certified global top 100 HR consulting company—and ExpediaGroup, a leading name in the global travel agency sector. This diverse mix oforganizations provided students with a comprehensive glimpse into variousindustries and career paths.  Beyond the opportunity to submit job applications,SolBridgers gained invaluable insights into the job market through interactionswith representatives from the participating companies. The event facilitated aplatform for students to engage with recruiters, learn about the hiringprocesses of these organizations, gather crucial information about potentialcareer trajectories, and submit their job applications to some of the biggestcompanies in Korea.SolBridge Job Fair 2023 went beyond traditional career exposby incorporating sessions with influential YouTubers and Keynote Speakers.These industry experts shared their experiences, offered career advice, andprovided insights into the evolving landscape of various sectors. This uniqueblend of practical knowledge and theoretical understanding enhanced thestudents' overall learning experience.   The event also served as a networking hub, allowingSolBridgers to connect with professionals, recruiters, and fellow students.Networking is an integral aspect of career development, and the Job Fairprovided a conducive environment for students to build meaningful connectionswithin their chosen industries.  In addition to established industry leaders, the SolBridgeJob Fair 2023 showcased some of South Korea's most promising startups. Thisinclusion emphasized the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in theevolving job market, inspiring students to explore diverse career paths,including the exciting realm of startups.SolBridge Job Fair 2023 emerged as a cornerstone event for students,offering a gateway to numerous career opportunities. The collaboration withleading companies, insights from industry experts, and the chance to exploreboth established and startup environments made this event valuable andcomprehensive as SolBridge continues its commitment in preparing graduates forthe future.Furthermore, the event has also been well-documented andpublished in major Korean newspapers and magazines.You can view the event video and articles through the links below:솔브릿지 국제경영대학, 글로벌 채용박람회 개최 (“멀리서 인재 찾지 마세요”…솔브릿지 국제경영대학, 글로벌 채용박람회 개최 (솔브릿지 국제경영대학, 글로벌 채용박람회 개최 - 아시아투데이 ( SolBridge Job Fair 2023 video:  


  • SolBridge Culture Day 2023">SolBridge Culture Day 2023

     Last month, on Wednesday, October 12, 2023, SolBridgecelebrated our annual Culture Day event with the theme "NationalRhythms." This year, the focus was on showcasing diversity though musicand dance as a universal language, to celebrate various cultural identities.Through vibrant traditional attire, music, and dance performances, studentsfrom 15 countries, including Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia,Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, South Korea,Togo, Vietnam, and Zambia, had the opportunity to share a piece of their heritageon stage in South Korea.   The event culminated in a parade where participantsexpressed their cultural pride in 44 different languages. A remarkable gathering of around 200 community membersfrom 80 different nationalities took part as performers and organizers. SolBridge remains committed to nurturing the next generationof leaders, we hope our students will cherish these invaluable learningexperiences gained outside the classroom and celebrated our diversity through events like these 


  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Dahye Lee">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Dahye Lee

     This month we are proud to recognize Dahye Lee, who enrolled in SolBridge back in 2014. She is now working as one of the biggeste-commerce company in South Korea. She is currently working as a Recruiting Coordinator of Coupang. This interview is conducted with the help of SolBridge Alumni Association.“Be bold and utilize the resources around you” Q1.Pleasure to meet you! Could you briefly introduce yourself?Hi! My name is Dahye Lee - currently at Coupang as the Recruiting Coordinator (RC). I entered SolBridge back in 2014, and it’s such apleasant surprise to be doing this interview! Q2. Could you tell me what motivatedyou to work at Coupang?Coupang’s RC process is very intact. HR carries outvarious engagement activities to ensure that the candidates have the bestpossible Coupang experiences. This came across to me as something veryattractive. I’m involved in various HR projects to contribute to theimprovement of the overall experiences. I joined Coupang during the COVID pandemic, manycompanies were going through a period of downsizing of stagnant growth. Coupanghowever were expanding to Taiwan and Japan. I thought that I’d also be able togrow together with the company.  Q3. What’sit like to be a Recruiting Coordinator at Coupang? I think many people may be unfamiliar with the RCfield, so I’ll briefly provide some background. In the Business CandidateExperience team, we consider each candidate as a primary customer. We carry outvarious activities to ensure that they have the optimal customer experiences.Notably- notification of a prompt interview scheduling, signing of theemployment contract and on-boarding. All of the process is closely monitoredand managed to ensure that the in/external customers will have positiveemployment experiences.  Let me briefly summarize my dailyroutine at work. I start the day by checking new candidates andcross-checking their current status with the respective recruiters. Then Icoordinate their interview schedules, and communicate with interviewers inadvance. As this is a subsidiary company recruitment, I coordinate with theirHR to align the real-time updates and share them with my team. I wrap up theday by checking the meetings and interviews for the following day. Q4. Beforeyou joined Coupang, I heard that you had various experiences. Is there aparticularly memorable experience you’d like to share?Before entering Coupang, I worked as a flightattendant at one of the Middle East Airlines. The position had nodirect relevance to my major, and it was a huge challenge for me to live andwork in a Muslim country that was so culturally different. At SolBridge, I grew as a person together with so manystudents from across the world. Overcoming and understanding these differencesgave me the desire to work in a larger environment. Qatar Airways has over 160destinations with flight attendants from all corners of the world. I thoughtthis would be an invaluable experience and I was lucky to have been able togain such a precious experience. Q5. Whatdoes SolBridge mean to you?[SolBridge - ‘Learning the Challenge Spirit’]It’s a place for learning what it is like to take on achallenge. Apart from my academic studies, I applied for a short-term study program in China, overseas internship program, workingstudent scholarship, student council and various extracurricular activities.Not only did I improve my language skills, also I was able to gain a huge boostin my self-confidence. Even at times of difficulties, the professors and the CDC(CareerDevelopment Center) were always willing to give helpful advice. SolBridge is aplace where I was able to elevate my tipping point and widen my values - forthat I am so grateful. Q6. Advice to SolbridgersI would really ask them to reach out to the professorsand seniors. There are times where you just don’t have a clue where to start.Apply from the small programs at school. Start, then if you face some obstacles- consult with professors or seniors. Assuming you are starting from scratch,there are quite a lot of things to prepare. So always keep an eye on your fieldof interest, and new updates. Don’t just think on your own - be bold andutilize the resources around you!   


  • [2023] SolBridge Hosts IISMA Indonesian Government Scholarship Award Students">[2023] SolBridge Hosts IISMA Indonesian Government Scholarship Award Students

       This Fall 2023 semester, SolBridge International School of Business is honored to be chosen for the second time as a host institution for six Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards Vocational Edition (IISMA) program awardees.IISMA program is the Government of the Republic of Indonesia scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian undergraduate students for mobility program at universities overseas undertaking courses taught by professors who are experienced in the industries. On top of given the freedom to undertake various subjects outside their fields of study regardless of their study backgrounds, the seven awardees get to take courses in the BBA program, experience South Korea’s culture, and undertake practical assignments to enhance their skills at SolBridge. For this scholarship scheme, Government of the Republic of Indonesia identified host universities in the following countries: South Korea, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand France, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, and Turkey to send students coming from diverse backgrounds in Indonesia. SolBridge meets the host university criteria set by the government Indonesia thanks to SolBridge BBA curriculum’s focus on analytical thinking, leadership capabilities, and networking opportunities in parallel with SolBridge’s extracurricular activities that provide the students with opportunities to learn in collaboration with industry and allow them to gain work experience and industry/business insights.The following students: Khairunnisa Rahma Az-Zahra, Rahadatul Aisy, Celine Nadya Kawiswara, Siti Zubaidah Malawat, Benedicta Josephine Onya Tey Tere, Astrid Aprilia, and M. Hanzholah Ar Ramadhani who currently enjoying their time being at SolBridge’s BBA program, had to go through highly selective processes to be awarded this scholarship scheme, which covers full semester tuition fee, living expenses, and travels to and from South Korea.Congratulations to the awardees and enjoy your semester at SolBridge!   


  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Luisa Victória Zacharias Martin">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Luisa Victória Zacharias Martin

    This month we are proud to recognize Luisa Victória Z. Martin, BBA alum class of 2020 from Brazil. After graduation, she applied totrainee programs which helped her open doors, and now Victória is an associatepart of the People & Organization department at PwC. PwC is a consultingcompany that provides Trust Solutions and Consulting Solutions.Here’s a catch-up betweenVictória and SolBridge on what she’s done after she’s graduated. 1. What is your Full name, Major, Year graduated:My name is LuisaVictória Zacharias Martin, graduated in August 2020. 2. Can you tell us the company thatyou are working, its location, and itsmission and purpose, I am currently workingat PwC at Brazil.Our company’s mission is to providean unrivaled level of service and to contribute to the sustained growth of theeconomy through the execution of vigorous, fair, and high-quality audits basedon clear leadership and creative teamwork. PwC's purpose is to buildtrust in society and solve important problems.3. Can you tell us your role,position and responsibilities? I am currently anAssociate 2, in the People & Organization department. I'm currently responsiblefor the clients’ main deliverables using Office 365 to do so, this includesmapping indicators, SLAs and opportunities. Not only that but also, to givesupport to the workforce planning, people analytics and organizationaldesign. Lastly, I've been acting as a scrum master setting agile rituals,scheduling, transcribing and sometimes translating meetings to multiplelanguages.4. What did you do after graduation and some of the steps you’ve taken to reach this position? After graduating, I decidedto apply for trainee programs after taking into consideration that in Brazildoing so can open many doors when you don't have any work experience. In myopinion, something to keep in mind when looking for a job is that you will berejected a lot of times, especially when looking for an entry-level one, andwith time it will get better. I've learned how to grow a thicker skin andeventually succeed, someone believed in my potential and someone will believein yours too. Lastly, I've never stoppedstudying something I liked. I firmly believe that when we start working and getswept into the routine it's very easy to lose sight of our goals, hobbies andinterests. For me, I'm always studying or trying something new, even if it'snot something that directly helps in my career.5. Can you tell us how your time in Solbridge, special events, andmemories, have helped you? My time at Solbridge wasfundamental for me to get to where I am right now. I've met people there that Ihaven't seen in years, but we still keep in touch and call each other every nowand then. Not only that but, during that time I went to almost allexcursions, participated in every single event I could and enjoyed the beststudent life possible.  For instance, I won 1stplace in the Asian Case Study competition and in the Leadership Camp with bothmy teammates. I participated shortly in the debate club and the experience wasincredible, Professor Danielle was such an amazing mentor for me.  Moreover, I was amerit-based full-time scholarship student and Brazil's country representativefor 3 years. It was a lot of work to train for a performance or to cook for somany people at once, but thankfully everything went according to plan (evenwhen it didn't). My first cultural day I was the only Brazilian at Solbridgeand by the end of the event I was literally covered in chocolate. Quite a sweetmemory if I may.  Lastly, Solbridgehelped me to change my views of the world and helped me to grow into the firstbest version of myself. I really hope you guys enjoy your time there as much asI did. 6. Do you have any advice for students whowant to pursue this field?Working at one of the BigFour isn't an easy task, but it's a great way to start a career. If it'spossible to get a job in one of them, it's wonderful and you should apply forthe job openings and do your best. However, if it's not possible don't beatyourself up for that. Our careers can change drastically even if they didn'tstart at the Big Four, what matters the most is to find something that is worthit and that matters to you.  Become a global citizen ornot, never give up your dreams and goals.   


  • 2023 솔브릿지 신입생 OT 현장 속으로! go go!">2023 솔브릿지 신입생 OT 현장 속으로! go go!


  • 2024학년도 외국어성적 우수장학생 신청서(참고용)">2024학년도 외국어성적 우수장학생 신청서(참고용)

     우송대학교에 관심과 사랑을 주시는 수험생 여러분께 감사드립니다. 2024학년도 외국어성적 우수장학생 신청서 양식을 첨부하오니 참고해주시기 바랍니다. ※ 장학생 신청서는 원서접수 사이트를 통해 자동 완성 및 출력이 가능하오니      참고 용도로만 활용해주시기 바랍니다.   


  • 솔브릿지 전공체험 및 수시면접 대비 학과장 토크쇼">솔브릿지 전공체험 및 수시면접 대비 학과장 토크쇼

    안녕하세요. 솔브릿지 입학팀입니다.우송대학교 솔브릿지경영학부에서 『제 2차 전공체험 및 수시면접 대비 학과장 토크쇼』가 진행될 예정이오니 많은 관심과 신청 부탁드립니다. 1. 내용 : 2024학년도 수시 면접 관련 특강 및 모의 면접2. 일시 : 2023. 9. 2(토)3. 장소 : 솔브릿지국제경영대학 2층 스마트룸 (도로명주소 : 대전 동구 우암로 128 우송휴먼센터) 문의사항 : 042-630-8846 자세히보기


  • 전체 홈페이지 서비스 및 유무선인터넷 일시 중단 안내">전체 홈페이지 서비스 및 유무선인터넷 일시 중단 안내

     안녕하십니까? 우송정보센터입니다.계속되는 학사업무에 노고가 많으십니다.저희 우송정보센터에서 25일(금) 19:00 부터 학내 네트워크 장비(Router)교체 작업을 진행 할 예정입니다.이로 인하여 대학 전체 홈페이지 및 유무선 인터넷 서비스가 일시적으로 중단 될 예정이오니 사용자 분들의 많은 양해 부탁드립니다. 자세한 내용은 아래와 같습니다.- 아            래 -1. 작업일시 : 2023년 8월 25일(금) 19:00 ~ 22:00 (약 3시간)2. 대     상   1) 인터넷 중단 건물 : 동*서캠퍼스, 솔지오기숙사, 유학생기숙사, 청운1,2숙   2) 홈페이지 중단 대상 : 전체 홈페이지   3) 인터넷 및 홈페이지 서비스 중단으로 인한 주의사항       - 갑작스런 홈페이지 중단 및 네트워크 단절에 따른 피해가 없도록 각별히 주의 하여 주시기 바랍니다.       - 기숙사 간사님들께서는 기숙사 거주자에게 위의 내용을 사전에 전파하여 주시기 바랍니다.   4) 문의사항 : 우송정보센터 인프라(9167 , 9168) 


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