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  • SolBridge Debate Society once again crowned Champions">SolBridge Debate Society once again crowned Champions

     SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) represented by Nathanaël Couvidatand Chaewon Kim, has earned itself another championship title. KyungHee University hosted the Fall 2022 KIDA RT tournament onSeptember 24 - 25. This rookie tournament hosted teams from top schools inKorea, such as Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University,Sogang University, Hanyang University, Kyunghee University, Ewha University,and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. This competition followed the BritishParliamentary format of debate. Each round of debate sees four teams (two perteam) competing against each other to win first place. Teams battled through four preliminary rounds before a selectnumber of groups advanced into the elimination rounds based on skill,persuasiveness, and strength of argument. Two SDS teams broke into theelimination rounds: SDS1 (Nguyen Quoc Trung Duc and Sulagna Banerjee) and SDS2(Nathaneal Couvidat and Chaewon Kim). SDS1 successfully moved up the ranks andbowed out in the semi-finals, and SDS 2 faced 3 Seoul National teams in thegrand finals and emerged victorious.  Congratulations to the teams and our team judge (Joanna Srun)for again displaying the strength of SDS against other top schools.Congratulations to the SDS coaching team, Professor Joshua Park, ProfessorDanielle Swanepoel, and Professor Chris Jo. 


  • SolBridge Hosts Start-up Customer Testing and Networking Day">SolBridge Hosts Start-up Customer Testing and Networking Day

     On September 16, 2022, SolBridge was delightedto host a Customer Testing and Networking event for 13 start-ups in variousfields, including Healthcare, Web 3, and Education, under the ShinhanSquarebridge Daejeon Ignition Program by 500 Global Korea. The start-ups are looking to establish theirentrepreneurial ventures in Daejeon and are currently participating in a16-week program to support rising South Korean talents aspiring to solve globalchallenges with their tech solutions. This initiative is led by ShinhanFinancial Group and 500 Global Korea, a venture capital company that invests in theearly stages of fast-growing technology startups, focusing on markets wheretechnology, innovation, and capital can generate long-term value and driveeconomic growth.  This event allowed the start-ups to test theirprototypes with potential customers, investors, and accelerators and receivefeedback valuable in transforming their business ideas into functionalbusinesses. Additionally, SolBridge students aspiring to start theirentrepreneurial journey had the opportunity to network and learn and receive inspirationfrom the founders.   


  • Two SolBridge Students and Teammates Win Daejeon City Start-up Challenge">Two SolBridge Students and Teammates Win Daejeon City Start-up Challenge

      On July 15,2022, Daejeon City launched its first Start-up Challenge – DaejeonInternational Innovators (DI2) – to bring together international students fromacross the city to actualize their entrepreneurial ideas to life. Hosted by theDaejeon Institute of Science & Technology for Enterprise & People(DiSTEP) and supported by Global Start-up Immigration Center, the program was athree-month journey that culminated on September 17, 2022. SolBridgeInternational School of Business undergraduate student, Ms. Vivian RodriguesMendes from Brazil, alongside her team members Mr. Ravi Shankar Pandit (KDISchool of Public Policy & Management) and Mr. Huseyin Dinc (KAIST), securedthe grand prize in the DI2 program with their tech idea of DaePlay. DaePlay is asocial networking mobile platform [multi-lingual] that aims to connectinternational students as well as Korean students and vice versa in SouthKorea. Through this application, students will be able to locate the nearestsports and entertainment facilities, communicate with fellow members of theircommunity, and find like-minded individuals to befriend. The team of DaePlay isworking on launching the application in 2023. In second placewas SolBridge Master's student Mr. Ignatius Hanny Sugiarto from Indonesia,together with his team members Dr. Saifur Rahman Sabuj (Hanbat NationalUniversity), Dr. Abdul Manan Khan (Hanbat National University), and Mr. MamadouAbdoulaye Gueye (Daejeon University) for their “Automated AI Drone with DiseaseRecognition for Agriculture Purpose" idea.Their ideafocuses on providing services to the agriculture industries in the area of cropdisease early detection. In farming, prevention and early detection of diseasesand pests are critical to a successful harvest. Using AI-based mapping, theteam uses automated drones to scan crop fields and identify plants' potentialthreats before they spread out.Congratulationsto the winning teams! 


  • [우송대학교] 솔브릿지국제경영대학 | 상대학 특) 여기가 국내인지 해외인지 구분 불가">[우송대학교] 솔브릿지국제경영대학 | 상대학 특) 여기가 국내인지 해외인지 구분 불가


  • 해외고교 학생을 위한 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시지원 안내">해외고교 학생을 위한 솔브릿지국제경영대학 수시지원 안내


  • Back-to-back Wins for SolBridge">Back-to-back Wins for SolBridge

     Just a few months after receiving the AACSB “Innovationsthat Inspire” award, SolBridge International School of Business is celebratinganother win, we have been recognized by the Beta Gamma Sigma InternationalHonor Society as a school that has achieved Highest Honors for the year 2021-2022. Guided by our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter vision:“Become your Greatest Self”, our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma members have proventheir commitment to fostering community, enhancing the student experience atSolBridge, and making a positive societal impact in Korea. Our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma team are proudly involvedin the UCLG initiative and represent SolBridge in many ambassador programs,including the program that earned us the Innovations that Inspire award: “ThinkGlobal –Act Local”. The “Think Global – Act Local” initiative has broken downcultural/linguistic barriers and fostered inclusion in Daejeon and surroundingregions. Through this initiative, there has been an expansion of internationalexchange and global engagement within Daejeon. The SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma team has also focused onenhancing the student experience by assisting in co-curricular activities. BetaGamma Sigma members readily supported students by serving as academic mentors,by offering various workshops, assisting in convocation and commencementceremonies, and by hosting the sophomore orientation. Recognizing that studentsneed support and encouragement at all stages of their academic journey, theSolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma chapter hosted a sophomore orientation where theyinvited six professors to talk about academic development services on campus,the club activities available to students, how to use MySolBridge (ourcommunity-building platform), and sharing their own stories of academicchallenges and successes. The Mission of SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma chapter is “toinspire change, honor academic achievement and enrich the lives of others”. Byreceiving this Highest Honors achievement, we have fulfilled this mission andlook forward to continue this legacy for years to come. A heartfelt thanks to our SolBridge Beta Gamma SigmaOfficers for their excellent contributions, dedication, and hard work thisyear, and a special thanks to Dean Joshua Park for supporting and encouragingthe SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma activities and events.  SolBridgeBeta Gamma Sigma Officers: Vuong Do Minh Chau (SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma President)Hanne Hopp (SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma Vice-president)Nguyen Dinh Long (Design Manager)Liubov Bratchik (Marketing and PR Manager)Danielle Swanepoel (SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma ChapterAdvisor) 


  • SolBridge Hosts Delegates from Foreign Trade University, Vietnam">SolBridge Hosts Delegates from Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

     SolBridge hadthe privilege and honor of hosting a delegation of senior officials from ourlong-term partners, Foreign Trade University (FTU), Vietnam, from August 25-29th, 2022. The team consisted of the Vice President in charge ofInternational Education, Prof. Dao Ngoc Tien, the Dean of Faculty ofInternational Education, Prof Ho Thuy Ngoc, Director of Ho Chi Minh CampusProf.  Prof Nguyen Xuan Minh, Head ofInternational Education Department in Ho Chi Minh Campus, Dr. Nguyen Thi MinhHa and Ms. Cao Thanh Hang in charge of SolBridge-FTU collaboration.This visit wasan excellent opportunity for the two institutions to enhance the existingcooperation in undergraduate student exchange and dual degree programs, Ph.D.program, faculty exchanges, and research collaborations.  On the 29th ofAugust, Vice President Dao Ngoc Tien joined SolBridge's welcoming convocationceremony for new students, delivered special remarks, and highlighted thestrong partnerships between FTU and SolBridge. To date,SolBridge has welcomed various students from FTU for a two-year top-up programwhere they have participated in different opportunities offered at SolBridge.These joint ventures allow students to receive valuable knowledge and exercisetheir multicultural understanding of Korea and Vietnam.We look forwardto growing and strengthening these collaboration activities further. 


  • CULTURE DAY 2021| Cultural Parade">CULTURE DAY 2021| Cultural Parade


  • CULTURE DAY 2021 | Country Dances & Flashmob | 13th Solbridge Student Council">CULTURE DAY 2021 | Country Dances & Flashmob | 13th Solbridge Student Council


  • SolBridge hosts AACSB High Officials">SolBridge hosts AACSB High Officials

     SolBridge International School of Business had the privilege andhonor of hosting the Executive Vice-president, Global Chief Membership Officer,and Managing Director of Asia Pacific of AACSB – Dr. Geoff Perry.  On the 18th of August,Dr. Perry and Goudong Xu (regional Head of East Asia, AACSB) joined theSolBridge faculty retreat to honor SolBridge with an AACSB Innovations thatInspire Award. SolBridge is recognized for the “ThinkGlobal, Act Local – On the Track for Change program”. An initiative where SolBridge partners with localgovernment initiatives to transform local platforms into sites for globalexchange. These “glocalization” initiatives enable SolBridge to spearheadmeaningful change and nurture future community leaders. “Progress toward morewelcoming, inclusive spaces requires action, and SolBridge demonstratesleadership in this important effort,” said Caryn Beck-Dudley, AACSB presidentand CEO. “Through collaborations—among business schools, businesses, andcommunities—we will create a strong global society and equip leaders forpositive impact.” Dr. Perry also gave aninsightful and thought-provoking talk on the AACSB Continuous Improvement ReviewJourney – exploring the various nuances of accreditation demands over afive-year period. He explained that an institution’s mission should drive aninstitution towards having an impact and that the new 2020 standards guideinstitutions towards achieving this.  SolBridge looks forwardto many more years under the AACSB banner and is privileged to have had theopportunity to receive guidance and expertise from Dr. Perry.  


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