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  • Spring 2022 SolBridge Commencement Ceremony">Spring 2022 SolBridge Commencement Ceremony

     Friday, June 17th, 2022, marked the return tothe traditional in-person graduation ceremony after two and half years ofonline and hybrid commencement ceremonies. Over 150 graduates from 14nationalities, including Brazilian, Cameroonian, Chinese, French, Hungarian,Kazakh, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, South African, Uzbek, and Vietnamese,received Bachelor of Business Administration diplomas and Master of BusinessAdministration. The entire SolBridge community celebrated thegraduating student’s determination, hard work, and resilience. “Despite thechallenges of the past 2.5 years, you can be celebrated for adapting,surviving, and thriving in both online and hybrid environments,” said DeanPark.In his congratulatory remarks, President Deog-SeongOh commended the graduating class of 2022 and highlighted how they could adapttheir attitude and respond to the new paradigm of the 4th IndustrialRevolution. BBA Valedictorian Elaine Yuki Salim urged her fellow graduates tocelebrate this success in surpassing all the hardships they have encountered inthis chapter of their lives and encouraged them to improve themselvescontinuously. “Ahead of us will not be any easier; it will certainly be filledwith many new prospects and adversities that we have yet to face. But inwhatever circumstances, we must remember to stay positive and keep learning andgrowing.” She said. At the same time, MBA Valedictorian Sarah Little praisedher fellow graduates for leaving their families, friends, and careers behind toearn a degree and forge new connections at SolBridge. During the ceremony, eight students; SalimElaine Yuki, Pedatella Refondini Tiago, Nguyen Dinh Long, Thu Chau Minh Dan,Nguyen Phuong Anh, Matyok Georgina Lili, Couvidat Nathanael, and Sarah LittleHellen, were inducted into the SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma an internationalbusiness honorary society for top-performing business students. To all our graduating students class of 2022,congratulations and best of luck as you start this new chapter. 


  • 이게 SOLBRIDGE야! 우송대학교 솔브릿지 국제경영대학">이게 SOLBRIDGE야! 우송대학교 솔브릿지 국제경영대학


  • 솔브릿지국제경영대학 학과소개">솔브릿지국제경영대학 학과소개


  • 여기가 글로벌 대학교! 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Vlog">여기가 글로벌 대학교! 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Vlog


  • Elaine Yuki Salim: BBA Valedictorian Class of Spring 2022">Elaine Yuki Salim: BBA Valedictorian Class of Spring 2022

     ElaineYuki Salim from Indonesia was the BBA Valedictorian for the Spring 2022graduating class. Here are her graduating remarks; “Goodmorning, everyone! To our dear Founder Kim, Chairman Lee, President Oh, DeanPark, all respected professors and faculty members here at SolBridge, my familyand friends, and all my fellow BBA graduates from the class of 2022! It’s trulyan honor to stand here today and deliver my speech on behalf of all graduatingBBA students from the class of 2022.BeforeI commence my speech, I would like to thank my parents for their unconditionalsupport throughout my life until now. I am grateful that my mom managed totravel from Indonesia to attend my graduation today. Thanks to my professorsfor the constant encouragement for me to achieve greater things and for thepositive impacts you have brought to my life. Also, to my close friends here,thanks for being my strong supporters for the last four years and for theunforgettable memories we shared.Todayis the day that we have to congratulate ourselves for our success in surpassingall the hardships in this chapter. We all went through so many sleepless nightsworking hard for our assignments and research papers, studying for exams, andmany more things that led to where we are now. Now is the time for all of us toopen a new life phase and work towards achieving the next goals that we set ourminds on. I am confident that everyone here will have a bright future ahead aslong as we keep learning and have perseverance in whatever paths we choose tofollow.As weall remember, the global pandemic since early 2020 has created unprecedentedchanges in our day-to-day and university life. Classes at SolBridge haveshifted from offline to online, and social distancing measures have limited ouropportunities to gather face-to-face with our friends. However, thanks toSolBridge professors, the administrative staff’s efforts in delivering the bestonline lectures, and students’ willingness to adapt to new learning styles, wemanaged to overcome some of the limitations. Now, things have started to slowlyreturn back to normal, I am also very convinced that things will get muchbetter.Thevaluable things I learned from my four years of undergraduate study atSolBridge are embracing diversity and cultural differences. Here, we had theopportunity to interact with many international friends from diverse culturalbackgrounds, allowing us to cultivate intercultural understanding andawareness. And that is a crucial skill to possess in the 21st century. Not onlythat, but the precious chance to learn an additional foreign language is also acompetency of every student here, as multilingual skills are a remarkableasset.Finally,to all my friends here, thanks for being a special part of my SolBridgeadventure. Without you guys, I will never have learned and grown into theperson I am today. Starting from now, we will embark on a new journey towardsour next life stage. Ahead of us will not be any easier; it will certainly befilled with many new prospects and adversities that we have yet to face. But inwhatever circumstances, we must remember to stay positive and keep learning andgrowing. Also, remember to keep in touch with one another and show your best tothe world as SolBridge alumni. Thank you, everyone! We should be proud! Andcongratulations to everyone here for graduating! God bless you all!”  View BBA Valedictorian Video 


  • Sarah Little Hellen: MBA Valedictorian Class of Spring 2022">Sarah Little Hellen: MBA Valedictorian Class of Spring 2022

     Sarah Little Hellen from South Africa is the MBA Valedictorianfor the Spring 2022 graduating class. Below are her graduation remarks; “Distinguished guests,professors, families, friends, and graduating class of 2022.I am honored and humbledto have the opportunity to address you on behalf of SolBridge InternationalBusiness School as a valedictorian for masters. A year ago when I started thisjourney, I had to meet my fellow classmates on screens and participate inorientation over Zoom calls, it was a big adjustment and challenge thatstudents and professors needed to face collectively. Yet we still managed tofind ways to connect from all corners of the world.  Perhaps this was a sign ofwhat the rest of the year would look like — finding ways to work together, nothaving all the tools, not knowing what the future holds, finding comfort inuncertainty, and making the best of a challenging situation. Yet, we prevailedand worked together to ensure our safety and had the opportunity to re-joinclasses amongst peers, which was our first victory before graduation.An MBA is every bit apersonal development as much as it is a professional one. At its core, an MBAallows people to complement their experience with business skills, offersexposure to different fields and functional areas, and provides anunderstanding of tools and methodologies to frame and solve problems. Ladies and gentlemen, whatyou also see before you are a group of individuals who have chosen to dedicatea year of their lives and invest it towards their own personal growth. It is apath that not everyone would take and one that took us away from our comfortzone, into the fear zone, through the learning zone, to be in the growth zone.Everyone from our class has left their careers, homes, families, and friends toforge new connections here, and I say to my classmates, don’t let yourselfforget the hard work and perseverance you’ve put into being able to be heretoday! Thank you to every studentwho supported each other, thank you to the professors and members of facultyfor doing everything you could to ensure we received the best qualityeducation, and for your passion for your work.  My hope for the future isfor each and every one of us to remember the difficulties we have overcome,grasp opportunities as they come, and use all the tools we have been equippedwith to create success.  Life can only beunderstood backward, but it must be lived forwards. So with this, I will leaveyou with a quote from my hero, Nelson Mandela, who said:“Education is the mostpowerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”Thank you!” View MBA Valedictorian video.  


  • 2023학년도 학교생활기록부 대체서식">2023학년도 학교생활기록부 대체서식

     우송대학교에 관심과 사랑을 주시는 학부모 및 학생 여러분께 감사드립니다. 2023학년도 학교생활기록부 대체서식을 공개하오니 참고 부탁드립니다.※ 학교생활기록부 대체서식은 원서접수 홈페이지를 통해 직접 입력할 수 있으며,     해당 양식은 샘플이므로 단순 참고용으로만 활용해주시기 바랍니다.


  • 제 2회 우송 온라인 한국어 경진대회 상장수여식">제 2회 우송 온라인 한국어 경진대회 상장수여식

     '제 2회 우송 온라인 한국어 경진대회' 입상한 학생들 상장 수여식이 한국어교육원 원장실에서 있었습니다.수상한 학생들 진심으로 축하합니다.대회명 : 제 2회 우송 온라인 한국어 경진대회날짜 : 2021.11.25(금)장소 : 우송 한국어교육원 원장실  (W1 701호)  


  • 제1회 우송 온라인 한국어낭독대회 상장 수여식">제1회 우송 온라인 한국어낭독대회 상장 수여식

     한국어교육원 주관 제 1회 우송 온라인 한국어낭독대회 결선이 5/27(금)에 있었습니다.입상한 학생들 상장 수여식이 6/17(금)에 있었습니다.수상한 학생들 진심으로 축하합니다. 대회명 : 제1회 우송 온라인 한국어낭독대회일시 : 2022.06.17(금) 오전 11시장소 : 우송 한국어교육원 원장실  (W1 701호)  


  • 제 1회 우송 외국인 한국어 낭독 대회 개최">제 1회 우송 외국인 한국어 낭독 대회 개최

     제 1회 우송 외국인 한국어 낭독 대회 개최우송대학교 한국어교육원에서는 외국인들의 한국어 구어 능력을 제고하여 향후 TOPIK 말하기 시험에 대비하고, 한국에서의 유학 생활을 원활하게 할 수 있도록 아래와 같이 한국어 낭독대회를 개최합니다. 학생 여러분의 적극적인 참여 바랍니다.  ❂ 일시 및 장소 1. 일시 : 1차 예선 2022. 5. 13(금) 오후 3시 ~ 오후 6시              2차 결선 2022. 5. 27(금) 오후 3시 ~ 오후 6시2. 장소 : 줌으로 진행 ❂ 참가 방법 및 주제 1. 형식 - 1인 낭송 및 2인 역할극2. 주제 – 선정한 작품 및 자유 선택3. 주의사항 – 낭송 시간 1인 3~5분, 2인 5~8분 이내(시간 엄수) ❂ 참가 자격 1. 대상- 우송대학교에 재학 중인 외국인 학생(연수생 포함)2. 제외대상∙ 한국인과 국제 결혼하여 5년 이상 경과한 자∙ 한국어에 능통한 조선족 ❂ 참가 신청 및 지도 방안 1. 신청 기간 : 2022. 4. 28(목) ~ 5. 4(수)2. 제출 서류 : 참가 신청서(교육원 소정 양식)3. 지도 방안 : 신청자는 교육원 초빙교수가 직접 지도4. 문의 및 접수처 : 우송한국어 교육센터 Tel) 042-629-6668 ❂ 시상 내역 1. 대상 - 1명 100,000원 (상장, 상품 수여)2. 최우수상 - 2명 70,000원 (상장, 상품 수여)3. 우수상 - 3명 50,000원 (상장, 상품 수여)4. 장려상 - 5명 30,000원 (상장, 상품 수여)※ 한국 체류 기간과 표현능력과의 상관관계를 고려하여 심사에 반영함※ 대상과 최우수상은 2차 결선에서 확정함 


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