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  • [2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Diana Zhanakulova 학생 수상작">[2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Diana Zhanakulova 학생 수상작


  • [2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Liyana Putri 학생 수상작">[2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Liyana Putri 학생 수상작


  • Woosong Sports Day 2023">Woosong Sports Day 2023

      From May 3-4,2023, Woosong University hosted one of the year's most anticipated events,Sports Day – an inter-departmental sports Competition. This event broughtSolBridgers together as they participated in various activities, including,Football, dodgeball, relay race, the tug of war, or cheered on participants.SolBridge achieved a second-place overall finish amongstother departments, and we're proud to say that we won 1st place in threesports, including Football, Infinity Jumping Rope, and Relay Race. Our Basketballand Dodge ball teams also came in second place. We want to give a specialshoutout to SolBridge FC for winning the Woosong President's Cup championshipafter a long and challenging journey through the tournament. With their hardwork and perseverance, the team had a landslide victory with a score of 9-0against the Sports Health Rehabilitation Department. This is the first timeSolBridge has won the championship since 2011. During the event, SolBridge was the most numerous andrespectful group, showing off their team spirit and togetherness. It was agreat representation of SolBridge's excellence, not only in academic andbusiness competitions, but also in sports and cultural diversity. We want tothank the 15th SolBridge Student Council for coordinating the teams and theentire SolBridge community for their support. It was truly a team effort, andwe couldn't be prouder of our SolBridge community!  


  • SolBridge Students win the Most Innovative Scaling Idea at the 2023 Global Scaling Challenge">SolBridge Students win the Most Innovative Scaling Idea at the 2023 Global Scaling Challenge

     We are thrilledto announce that a group of SolBridge students, composed of Gonzales PamelaWinda(Master), Matteo Zanini (BBA), Ngoc Nguyen (BBA), and ZhyldyzaiMuratbekova(BBA), has won a cash prize for the most Innovative Scaling Idea atthe 2023 Global Scaling Challenge (GSC). Organized by the Anderson School ofManagement at the University of New Mexico, this competition challenges studentteams and mentors to understand and solve complex scaling needs and challengesthat firms face in a diverse environment.The Challengeoffers participating teams and mentors a unique opportunity to understand andsolve complex scaling needs and challenges that firms face operating in ahighly diverse environment. Expert-led student teams present their ideas tothese firms and judges in a live internet-based format. This year'scompetition was incredibly challenging, with 35 teams from 25 universitiescompeting in the Regional Qualifiers and only 21 teams making it to the finalstage. However, the SolBridge team presented their innovative ideas to scale uptwo companies in the space industry, impressing the judges and winning the 'TheMost Innovative Scaling Idea' prize.Mentored byProf. Roger Royo and Prof. Ronny Estrella, this achievement is a testament tothe dedication of the SolBridge Startup Center to prepare and mentor studentsto excellence and innovation. We are incredibly proud of the team's hard work,dedication, and exceptional performance. Congratulations on a well-deservedprize! 


  • SolBridge Debate Society Claims World Novice EFL Championship">SolBridge Debate Society Claims World Novice EFL Championship

     SolBridgeDebate Society (SDS) has once again shown their excellence by winning the WorldNovice Debating Championship (WNDC) in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language)category. SDS A, represented by Aikokul Abdivalieva, Nguyen Quoc Trung Duc, andZhyldyzai Muratbekova, emerged as the tournament champions held on March 25-26,which featured novice debaters from various countries across the globe.Debated inAsian Parliamentary (AP) format, each round had two teams of three members. Thetournament saw participants from countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, thePhilippines, India, Macau, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. SDS A advanced to theelimination rounds as the top-ranked EFL team after a rigorous preliminaryround. In the EFL Grand Finals, they went head-to-head with Kyunghee Universityof South Korea, securing a unanimous decision to be crowned the World NoviceEFL Champions.The SDS teamshowed individual brilliance as well, with Aikokul Abdivalieva earning theGrand Finals Best Speaker and 4th EFL Best Speaker awards, while Nguyen QuocTrung Duc was awarded 5th EFL Best Speaker.We congratulateSDS on their latest triumph, which underscores the legacy of excellenceestablished by the society against top institutions.We alsocongratulate Professor Chris Jo for coaching the team and Professors JoshuaPark and Danielle Swanepoel for their advisory support for SDS. 


  • 제2회 유학생 한국 사진전">제2회 유학생 한국 사진전

    제2회 유학생 한국 사진전 우송대학교 한국어교육원에서는 유학생들이 즐거운 유학 생활을 영위하고, 한국어에 관심을 갖고, 학업 성취에 긍정적인 영향을 끼칠 수 있도록 아래와 같이 유학생 한국 사진전을 개최합니다. 학생 여러분의 적극적인 참여 바랍니다.  ❂ 참가 자격     - 우송대학교에 재학 중인 외국인 학생(연수생 포함)       (전문 사진작가로 등단한 경력이 있는 외국인은 제외) ❂ 주제 및 응모 조건     1. 주제 : 한국의 봄, 청춘, 좋아하는 장소 및 사람     2. 응모 조건          - 1인당 2작품(최소 1 작품 캠퍼스 내 촬영 사진)          - 참자가 본인의 순수 창작물 ❂ 참가 신청 및 제출 서류     1. 신청 기간 : 2023년 5월 2일(화) ~ 5월 9일(화) (공휴일 제외)     2. 제출 서류         - 참가 신청서(교육원 소정 양식)         - 출품작 : A2 칼라 출력 후 하드보드지 붙여서 제출            (1차 심사 시는 이미지 파일로 제출하며, 2차 심사 시에 위 양식으로 제출)            1,200픽셀(pixel) 이상의 JPG파일         - 작품 해설(A5, 휴면명조, 16포인트 작성 및 코팅)            (1차 심사 시는 참가 신청서로 대체하며, 2차 심사 시에 위 양식으로 제출) ❂ 심사 및 결과 발표     1. 심사          - 1차 : 2023년 5월 12일(금) 오후 2시 ~ 오후 4시 (파일 심사)          - 2차 : 2022년 5월 22일(월) ~ 24일(수) 10시 ~ 오후 5시 (우송대학교 교정 전시)     2. 결과 발표 : 2023년 5월 25일(목) 예정   ❂ 문의 및 접수처 : 우송한국어교육원 Tel) 042-629-6668                               접수 이메일 


  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Dana Mustafina">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Dana Mustafina

    This month we are excitedto recognize Dana Mustafina, SolBridge BBA alum class of 2017 from Kazakhstan,for her exceptional accomplishments. Dana is a renewable energy andsustainability professional and currently working in the clean energy solutionsarm of PETRONAS, a state-owned conglomerate of Malaysia and one of the world'stop Oil and Gas companies. In her role as a Commercial Analyst, Dana developsfinancial models and provides commercial assessments for renewable energyprojects in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. In addition, she spearheads severalinitiatives, including the development of distributed solar and RenewableEnergy Certificates in Malaysia.  Dana's journey beganas a Business Development and Marketing Associate at a Korean companyspecializing in energy storage systems. She subsequently joined a Singaporeanenvironmental sustainability consulting firm, assisting corporates in achievingtheir net-zero and carbon neutrality targets. Her passion for sustainabilityand climate change was ignited during her exchange program at UC Irvine in theUSA, where she discovered her true calling. During her time atSolBridge, Dana was an exceptional student, excelling in her studies andearning a full scholarship while participating in various programs andinitiatives, including exchange semesters to France and USA. Upon graduationfrom SolBridge in 2017, she followed her new-found passion and pursued aMaster's degree in Science in Green Business and Policy from KAIST, thanks toanother full scholarship.   Dana attributes hersuccess to the solid foundation she received at SolBridge: "I always gothelp during every step along the way, and my foundation of who I am today wasdeveloped at SolBridge." We are immensely proud of Dana's achievements andlook forward to seeing her continue to make an impact in renewable energy andsustainability.  


  • 2023-1학기 한국어 사랑방 운영 계획">2023-1학기 한국어 사랑방 운영 계획

    안녕하세요 한국어 교육원입니다.2023-1학기 한국어 사랑방 운영 계획입니다.참여 희망 학생들은 해당 날짜와 시간에 해당 장소로 방문해주시면 됩니다.학생들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다    문의 ) 042 629 6668 


  • SolBridge participates in NIBS Worldwide Case Competition">SolBridge participates in NIBS Worldwide Case Competition

     From5th-10th march, four BBA students had the opportunity to represent SolBridgeand participate in the 27th Network of International Business Schools (NIBS)global case competition hosted by the University of Northern Iowa – College ofBusiness, USA.NIBSis an association of business schools worldwide that supports incorporatingglobal perspective, cultural insight, and international experience intomanagement education. The association currently has more than 70-memberinstitutions in over 30 countries. NIBS case competition has providedunparalleled learning experiences for undergraduate students from across theglobe for over 25 years. During the competition, participants tackle real-worldinternational business challenges in a best-on-team tournament, benefiting fromunique settings that immerse them in the host country's culture.Participatingfor the first time this year, the SolBridge team joined 15 other teams from topuniversities coming from 13 countries. Working as consultants, the teamsquickly developed strategies and solutions (4 hours) to solve real businesscases and present their findings to judges.  Againstall obstacles, SolBridge team managed to emerge first at the preliminary stagein their division, which consisted of four other universities; however, theylost to Germany's Heilbronn University in the quarterfinals. This is the firsttime a new university has advanced to the quarterfinals, and we are proud ofthe team for representing SolBridge and Woosong University well.Apartfrom the competition, teams could explore and experience the best of NorthernIowa. 


  • Woosong BIT Education Center">Woosong BIT Education Center

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