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  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Bobir Muratov">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Bobir Muratov

    This month werecognize Bobir Muratov, SolBridge alumnus from Uzbekistan. Bobir is currentlythe Deputy Head of Academic Affairs and Admissions at Inha University inTashkent, Uzbekistan, and a Ph.D. researcher at Universiti Sains, Malaysia.  His research isfocused on the internationalization of higher education to facilitate andsustain academic (students, scholars, and programs) exchange in Uzbekistan. Hehas over six years of experience in university student admissions and academiccounseling. Before joining academia, he worked in multiple sales and marketingpositions in Dubai, UAE. Bobir graduated fromSolBridge in 2012 with a Master's of Business Administration. While atSolBridge, he actively participated in school activities and competitions,including case competitions, culture day, and freshman orientation. 



  • 2021 글로벌 챌린지 Debate 컨퍼런스">2021 글로벌 챌린지 Debate 컨퍼런스

     2021 글로벌 챌린지 Debate 컨퍼런스   1. 목적     □ 고등학생의 외국어 능력 및 발표력 향상과 글로벌 인재 양성에 기여     □ 솔브릿지 브랜드 이미지 재고 2. 개요     □ 일정          - 참가신청 : 2021. 07. 01~ 07. 16 (금)          - 시행일 : 2021. 07. 17(토) 13:00 ~ 16:00      □ 내용          - 『2021 글로벌 챌린지 디베이트 컨퍼런스』          - 줌 기반 참여형 특강      □ 신청서 제출         - 솔브릿지 입학팀 이메일 제출 3. 세부일정     □ 13:00 ~ 13:50 Debate 특강 (Prof. Danielle Swanepoel)          - 요하네스버그대학 철학박사          - 세계토론대회 심사위원          - 솔브릿지 국제경영대학 Debate 코치     □ 14:00 ~ 14:50 Debate Demo (솔브릿지 Debate 팀)     □ 15:00 ~ 15:50 Debate Practice (참가자 일동) 4. 기타     □ 줌 주소 – 추후 개별 안내     □ 문의 – 솔브릿지 국제경영대학 입학실 042)630-8846, 8507 


  • SolBridge holds an online Global Business Executive Program with USIU- Africa">SolBridge holds an online Global Business Executive Program with USIU- Africa

    From June 29thto July 2nd, 2021, SolBridge International School of Business,Woosong University, was pleased to host Executive MBA students from the UnitedStates International University – Africa (USIU) for a 4-day global business executivetraining and tour. The participants composed of two cohorts (MBA GlobalBusiness Management and Health Leadership & Management) included CEOs, medicaldoctors, HR practitioners, engineers, and consultants in different healthcare,telecom, and academia. Participants hadan engaging experience in lectures on East Asian Development and implicationsfor emerging economies, Impact of Technology on Corporate Social Responsibility,and a practical session on Cross-cultural business negotiation that providedinsights into the process of two parties from different backgrounds reaching anagreement. Additionally,the health and leadership cohort received insights into Korea’s health careinformation systems, policies, and processes. The group had a virtualoutpatient tour of the Seoul National University Hospital Bundang Campus andhad the opportunity to witness how quickly a patient can see a cardiologistusing automated systems, from the point of registration to using the pharmacyapp. Besides, the group was enlightened on the strategies used in Korea to curbthe spreading of COVID-19 in its early stages. The lectures helped participantsunderstand Korea’s healthcare landscape and how the country has successfullymanaged the COVID-19 pandemic.  Unlike previousprograms where the executives got to visit and experience Korea, participantsgot to see a little bit of Korea through the lectures and detailed Q and Asessions with SolBridge professors, industry experts, and our partners fromSeoul National University. We look forwardto physically hosting the group at SolBridge soon.  


  • 솔브릿지국제경영대학 홍보영상">솔브릿지국제경영대학 홍보영상


  • SolBridge team places second in the Global Case Competition hosted by Nazareth College, USA">SolBridge team places second in the Global Case Competition hosted by Nazareth College, USA

      SolBridge students Nguyen Cat Tien, Dao NganGiang, Le Hoang Giang, and Leilt Assefa Gebeyehu placed second in the firstannual Global Case Competition hosted by our partner Nazareth College, USA. Hosted virtually on May 21, 2021, the competition attracted teams fromvarious countries, including United States, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Japan,and Vietnam.   In the competition, each team was required tosubmit the case analysis write-up and the video for the case study "TheVideo-Streaming Wars in 2019: Can Disney Catch Netflix?" written byHarvard Business School. The case focuses on the battle between the currentvideo streaming entertainment leader Netflix and Disney's entertainmentconglomerate, when Disney introduced Disney+, and take action in a fight fordominance in the video-streaming-subscription space. Based on the informationgiven in the case, the teams were expected to judge whether Bob Iger, CEO ofDisney - and his team of executives found the right formula to unseat Netflixas the leader in video streaming. Was there room for both players in themarketplace? Or Netflix, led by CEO Reed Hastings and his team, need to respondin some way to the looming threat posed by Disney? Additionally, the teams were required toaddress three additional questions in the video analysis: 1. Determine if the streaming entertainment industry sustains its growth beyond the pandemic, given the fact that the global spread of the pandemic fueled the growth of the entire industry. 2. Analyze the role technology potentially plays in the entertainment business in the future. 3. Discuss the opportunities and challenges when entertainment is merged with technology. A diverse panel of judges assessed the qualityof participants' analyses and their presentations, and winning teams will beawarded cash prizes. "Given the difficulties of differences intime zone, the process was a weary but yet thrilling experience for the team.Throughout the process, we gained a lot of valuable experiences and informationon how to analyze, research, and present." – said the team.  Congratulations to the team! 


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  • 솔브릿지국제경영대학 홍보영상">솔브릿지국제경영대학 홍보영상


  • [국제경영학과생의 브이로그]솔브릿지, 학교시설, 영어수업, 기숙사">[국제경영학과생의 브이로그]솔브릿지, 학교시설, 영어수업, 기숙사


  • SolBridge team awarded third place in the Babson Collaborative 2021 Global Student Challenge">SolBridge team awarded third place in the Babson Collaborative 2021 Global Student Challenge

    SolBridgestudents Giang Vu Ha, Le Phat Dat, and Nguyen Dinh Long won third place in thisyear’s Babson Collaborative Global Student Challenge.  TheChallenge exposed participating teams from Babson Collaborative member schoolsto the UN Sustainable Development Goals and challenged them to think of thesegoals in the context of business opportunities. Joining students wereencouraged to apply their knowledge of opportunity identification andassessment, resulting in feasibility analysis of a new business concept. Eachbusiness concept addressed one of the UN goals in a way that could ultimatelyresult in the creation of a new for-profit or nonprofit venture. SolBridgeteam’s business idea, ‘Grash’ a digital match-making platform connectinghouseholds with scrap collectors, came in third against other strong competingteams. Their idea presented a unique solution to eliminate unconventional scrapcollection practices and a business model that successfully aligned with the UNSustainable Development Goals.Thisyear the competition attracted over 870 students with 215 projects from 22 schoolsin 16 different countries. Congratulationsto the team and Prof. Edwin Sanusi for his guidance. 


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