Student Counseling

Here at SolBridge Counselling services, we provide short-term counselling support for students, for any issues that are impacting on their studies (e.g. life challenges, relationships, family, sexuality, depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol/drug issues).

Often 3 to 5 sessions is enough to help to manage things better and get back on track but, if you need more sessions, we can discuss this with you and work together to develop a plan or offer referrals if appropriate.

Anyone, at any time, can have thoughts and emotions that may feel overwhelming. The Counselling Service is here to help you explore how you think, behave and feel about an issue and help you find appropriate ways to make changes in your life. We are a confidential, inclusive service with a qualified counsellor trained in a range of evidence-based psychological therapies.

We value and respect differences. Our service is free, inclusive, and available to undergraduates and postgraduate students registered at SolBridge International business school.

You can find the counselling offices on the third floor, Room 305.

Location: Room 305

Office hours:

Changes every semester, please visit the main site regularly for updated information

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