Woosong BIT Education Center

SolBridge students can upgrade their technical skills by taking short courses at the Woosong BIT Education center. The center aims to narrow the gap between traditional school education and employment reality by training talented people with competitive practical skills. Students can acquire the highly competitive IT skills needed in the job market.


Education Program Operation

Woosong BIT Education Center’s curriculum includes short-term course (basic language) and advanced course (deep learning)

  • This course is a special curriculum in Woosong University. The credits are obtained according to the school’s regulation after completing the course (credits are obtained within the scope of your current years/semesters).
  • Systematic management of training progress and group study through full-time instructors
  • Provide job competency (software development) training that allows you to enter the field immediately after completion of the training
  • Presentation and demonstration of advanced course projects
  • Issuing “BIT Software Project level 2” certificate upon completion of the advanced courses.
  • Systematic management of employment/job through Woosong BIT education center and main office BIT school.

BIT University Program


Woosong BIT Education Center Employment Opportunities

  • Step-by-step employment connecting in fields suitable for trainees through counseling and career management
  • Sending resume and applying for job through the Woosong BIT education center and BIT school (Main office)

For more information and application, please visit Woosong BIT Education Center Website.

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