Chairman, Woosong Educational Foundation

Woosong Educational Foundation began as Donga Educational Foundation under its founder Mr. Kim No Won. The Donga Educational Foundation originally established in Jayang-dong, Daejeon in 1954 served as an advanced base for human resource development as well as for the improvement of the Daejeon city and the greater Chungcheong province.

With over a half-century of knowledge and experience in the management field, Woosong Educational Foundation established SolBridge International School of Business in 2007 under the motto "Paving the Way to a Stronger and Brighter Future.' Equipped with a spirit of ambition and challenge, SolBridge provides a gateway to knowledge and educational opportunities for future generations.

Through specialized education based on performance, SolBridge is one of the leading universities in educational innovation and embraces a global vision for the 21st century. SolBridge continues to be a standard-bearer for the future and fosters the education development of South Korea, upholding the historical and traditional ideals of Woosong Education Foundation.

Dal Yeong Lee, Ph.D.
Woosong Educational Foundation

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