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Warm greetings from Woosong University and SolBridge International School of Business, our premium business institution! I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to those visiting our university homepage.

Since its establishment in 1995, Woosong University has fostered innovative change and growth under the banner of “global competitiveness.” These efforts have transformed Woosong University into a bona fide “specialized university.” I believe these positive changes have not only contributed to the university’s rapid expansion over the past three decades, but also to higher education as a whole. Since its establishment in 2008, SolBridge International School of Business has been at the forefront of our university’s efforts to innovate and excel at the international stage, becoming the youngest and fastest institution to earn AACSB Accreditation in 2014.

Such efforts are especially timely, with university education worldwide undergoing a tremendous transformation: demographic shifts in many countries have led to a sharp reduction in university enrollment; the COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities to adopt a “hybrid” model of teaching; and the 4th Industrial Revolution has created its own share of challenges.

In response, we are tackling these challenges head-on, as we see this as another great opportunity for innovation; we hope and strongly desire to emerge from these trying times as a “21st Century Hidden Champion.” We are a university with a keen interest in our students’ futures. I would like to mention three points emphasizing our university’s approach to education.

First, our aim is to equip students with the tools demanded by the newly emerging industries of the 21st century through training that is hands-on and job-focused.

Second, we pay close attention to the entire “lifecycle” of students, from the moment they are admitted until employment. Through this comprehensive or holistic educational approach, students can be expected to acquire the necessary skills to adapt to the above-mentioned changes through our various programs and activities. Instead of narrowly focusing just on students’ graduation, we are also focusing on students’ post-graduation lives.

Third, in anticipation of the post-COVID era, we are building a global network of partner universities, forming a “digital hybrid campus.” I believe this is fitting for a 21st-century university education. Once established, students will have access to digital content from the world’s leading scholars and entrepreneurs.

I would like to welcome those of you who are interested in joining this exciting adventure, an adventure with great potential to improve your future.


Deog-Seong Oh, ph.D
President, Woosong University

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