The amount of tuition you pay your first semester at SolBridge remains unchanged during your entire time in the BBA program. Other costs including residence, breakfast, activity and medical fees are reviewed every semester and subject to change. The estimated costs for one year are included below so you can do a general budget for your first year at SolBridge. For further cost inquiries, please send an email to

The SolBridge academic year consists of two assessment periods, one in the spring and one in the fall. Each assessment period is in the form of a fifteen-week semester followed by an additional six-week inter-session semester (six weeks in the summer for the spring semester, six weeks in the winter for the fall semester). There is a five-week study break which separates each assessment period. Students are expected to stay at SolBridge during each full assessment period. Students may stay during the summer or winter five-week study breaks if they wish to participate in internships, academic programs, or for personal reasons. Apart from tuition, students must cater for other expenses including the dormitory, meals, health insurance, and dormitory security deposit without exception during their stay at SolBridge.

Program Cost schedule

The BBA program is designed around the completion of eight assessment periods to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. In the table below, a typical full year of costs is presented. Students who follow the eight assessment period schedule will graduate in four years.

A typical Full-year BBA Program Cost schedule for Spring 2023 and Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Winter 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Annual
16 weeks 6 Weeks
Winter 1 Weeks
Winter 2 Weeks
16 weeks 6 Weeks
Summer 1 Weeks
Summer 2 Weeks
Costs USD
Enrollment Fee $725 Onetime fee $725
Orientation Fee $151 Onetime fee $151
Medical Insurance $55 Yearly $55
Tuition $5,037 $890 $5,037 $890 $11,854
Residence $728 $364 $728 $364 $2,184
Breakfast fee $448 Not offered $ 448 Not offered $896
Activity Fee $100 $100 $200
Total First Year $7,169.00 $1,254 $6,313 $1,254 $15,990.00
Total Second Year $6,368.00 $1,254 $6,313 $1,254 $15,189.00

Things to note:

The enrollment and Orientation fees are a one-time fee paid by all first semester students (freshmen and transfer). Orientation fees cover for the meals and accommodation during our Team Building (Orientation) week but do not include the bus fare from the airport.

Residence halls do not provide bedding, sheets, or pillows.

All first-year students (freshman and transfer) must get an Alien Registration Card upon arrival in Korea. Korean Immigration charges $31 for the Alien Registration Card. It is similar to the Korean ID card and must be carried with you at all times.

All first semester students (including Koreans) must have a medical checkup before the start of classes. Korean Medical Services charge $30 for the checkup. All full-time students must purchase Korean medical insurance. Current cost is 55$ annually.

Tuition for a year ranges between $10,074 ~ $11,558. The $11,588 amount reflects taking intersession classes (Winter 1, Winter 2, Summer 1, Summer 2).

The above prices are meant to act as a guideline and are subject to change, especially adjustments to Residence and Health Care.

The costs provided do not include other meals, books, or pocket money. Meals cost approximately $4.00 in the SolBridge cafeterias. Meals eaten off-campus may cost more. Books are typically in the range of $600 per year; pocket money expenses depend on the lifestyle of the student.

Please keep in mind that all prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

Orientation Reservation refunds are only issued if the student is no longer attending SolBridge International School of Business.

According to the school’s policy, other fees might be added during the semester.

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