Sol-Geo Residence

SolGeo Residence

Sol-Geo is the international residence for all BBA students admitted to SolBridge. Students are automatically matched up with a roommate from a different country and are highly encouraged to live their first semester of studies there. After their first semester, students may apply for other residences or opt to live off-campus. For the spring and fall, the residence fee includes a breakfast charge; for lunch and dinner, however, students are free to purchase a meal ticket at their convenience. In the summer and winter, no breakfast fee is charged, and all meals may be purchased with a meal ticket. In addition to the rooms, Sol-Geo is a modern, clean, safe, and Wi-Fi-accessible facility that features a library, dance studio, common kitchen, and various study halls and classrooms. Located on the East side of the campus, Sol-Geo is close to the nearby shops, restaurants, subway line, and various bus routes. SolBridge provides a convenient shuttle bus service to and from Sol-Geo.

SolGeo address in Korean: 
우송대학교 동캠퍼스 솔지오 기숙사 (E8동)- 대전광역시 동구 자양동 17-2 번지 (동대전로 171, 34518)

SolGeo address in English:
Daejeon, Dong-gu, Jayang-Dong, Woosong University, East Campus, International Residence, SolGeo, Building E-8 (34518)

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