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Part-time Work Requirements

In order to be eligible for part-time work, please review the following criteria:

  • Be a regular or transfer student, enrolled for more than 6 months
  • Minimum GPA is 2.0, but a higher GPA is more favorable
  • Attendance should average 70%
  • Obtain the school’s approval
  • Working hours are limited to 20 hours per week during the school’s semester and unlimited hours during summer or winter vacations
  • Only one job at a time is allowed. For example, if you work part-time at SolBridge, you are ineligible to obtain another job


Obtain application form (available in Korean or English)

  • Complete the application form
    • Be sure to obtain the employer’s stamp in the employer section.
    • Obtain a copy of the business license of the company
  • Review the application, ensuring all fields are completed and all supporting documents are collected from step 2
  • Bring documents to CDC for review
    • If the documents are complete, CDC will refer you to the Student Services Team to review your application and determine your eligibility
  • Finally, go to the immigration office in Daejeon and submit the following paperwork for approval

For more information regarding part-time work for international students, please visit the following website or call 1345, to contact Daejeon Immigration (English is available)

Part-time Application Form (Word) >

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