Daejeon has truly come of age as a culture center; many of its citizens no longer feel much need to go to Seoul to enjoy the best. You can find all your favorite feature films here at Daejeon’s major movie complexes: MCV Academy, GalleriaDonbaek 33 or Lotte Cinema Daejeon. Those with more refined tastes should check out the Daejeon Art Cinema. On a lazy Sunday, stroll down into the Daeheung District or the Dunsan District and enjoy galleries featuring some of the most creative artists of Korea today

And then there is the Daejeon Philharmonic under the baton of EdmonColomer offering panoply of classical and contemporary music. You will also find a host of other international and local musical events at the Daejeon Culture and Arts Center, the Woosong Arts Center, Paichai University and the Jeongsimhwa Culture Center. Live clubs like Watermelon Sugar and the JRock Cafe offer more swinging alternatives. There are also numerous bars and clubs catering to the international community.

The Daejeon Museum of Art, known for its stunning exterior, features a fine collection of contemporary works. Check out the next-door Eung-no Lee Museum while you are there. Then there is the Asia Museum, hidden away in the foothills beneath the Jeogo Mountain Fortress. Here you will find the most delightful collection of art and a lovingly preserved traditional Korean house that serves the finest in traditional teas.

Daejeon is a paradise for hiking, swimming, marathons and boating. You can find recreational facilities everywhere.

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