Getting to Daejeon

To make your journey to SolBridge as smooth as possible, we have prepared the following guide for students traveling to Korea for the first time. Please plan your travel arrangements so that you arrive in time for the Spring 2024 Team-Building Orientation program. We strongly recommend that you plan to arrive at the airport during the day-time as there will be more people around to help you in case you need assistance. Please check the weather forecast for Korea before you travel to ensure that you are dressed properly for your arrival.

Changing Money

Please ensure that you have a minimum of US $400 in cash with you for your trip. Having local currency is essential for purchasing bus tickets and making phone calls. For travelers arriving between 9 PM and 8:30 AM, it is advisable to exchange your money for Korean won before departing. Money changers conveniently located near the customs clearance area exit doors at Incheon International Airport can assist you with this. Do note that these services are unavailable between 9 PM and 6:30 AM, however the operational hours are subject to change (as of February 1st, 2024).

Daejeon Bus

Taking a bus from the airport is the most convenient and cost-effective way to reach Daejeon. You will find ticket counters that sell bus tickets (buses are called airport limousines) inside the airport terminal building and outside, near the bus stop.

Bus Ticket Counters

Tickets to Daejeon can be purchased at the Ticket Booth between Exit 6, 8, 11 at Terminal 1 and at the B1 floor Transportation Center for Terminal 2 as indicated in the images below. The arrival terminal should be ‘Daejeon Complex Bus Terminal – 대전복합터미널’. When you buy your ticket, be sure to ask for the seat number. Most ticket sellers speak some English and each ticket is for a specific seat on the bus. The seat number is also printed on the ticket.

Terminal 1 (1F)

Terminal 2 (B1)

Terminal 2 (1F)

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After purchasing your ticket, make sure that you arrive at your bus stop on time because buses usually arrive and depart promptly. We recommend you to be at the bus stop location about 8 minutes before the departure time. Make sure to double check the bus platform number, for example whether it is 11A-2 or 11A-3, as the destination point might look similar, however it is vital to confirm before boarding the bus. When the bus arrives, you will have to load your luggage into the luggage compartments that will be opened by the bus driver. The compartment closest to the front of the bus is usually reserved for the last stop in Daejeon Complex Bus Terminal (대전복합터미널).

The first bus from Incheon International Airport to Daejeon Complex Bus Terminal is at 6:20 AM for Terminal 1 and 6:00 AM for Terminal 2 and the latest buses are 11:20 PM for Terminal 1 and 11 PM for Terminal 2. The fare for the basic bus is KRW 27,700 (please note that the bus schedule and price of the ticket is the information to change). Buses will leave every 30 minutes to Daejeon depending on the time of day. The journey takes approximately three hours, usually (but not always) with a 15-minute break at the halfway point (i.e. rest area). If you get off the bus to use the washroom, be sure to note the bus license plate number so that you return to the correct bus. However, we highly recommend you to go to the toilet before your departure. Do not panic if you are still on the bus for over three hours. The driver will get you safely to your destination.

There are two scheduled stops in Daejeon before reaching your intended destination (excluding the break stop). The bus will halt at these stops only if there are passengers disembarking, otherwise, it will continue its journey uninterrupted. Take a seat, relax, and patiently wait until you reach the final stop. In case you start feeling anxious, you can always approach a fellow passenger and inquire if you have arrived at Daejeon Complex Bus Terminal or present your ticket for confirmation. Upon the bus's eventual arrival at the Daejeon Complex Bus Terminal, this is where you will need to get off – kindly ensure to retrieve all your belongings. Once you get off the bus, you need to exit the building. After that, you will be able to see the taxi station.

Speaking Korean

In areas where you find international travelers, you will find that many people speak English. If you cannot find anyone who speaks English, consider using (or showing to someone) the following useful phrases.

대전 복합터미널로 가는 버스표 주세요.

[dae-jeon, bok-hab, toe-mee-nal-ro, ga-neun, bo-seu-pyo, ju-sae-yo]

대전 복합터미널로 가는 버스가 몇시에 있습니까?

[dae-jeon, bok-hab, toe-mee-nal-ro, ga-neun, bo-seu-ka, myeot, shi-eh, is-seub-ni-ka?]

한(두) 장주세요.




이 버스는 대전 복합터미널로 가는 버스입니까?

[ee, bo-seu-neun, daejeon, bok-hab, toe-mee-nal-ro, ga-neun, bo-seu-ib-ni-ka?]

여기가 대전 복합터미널입니까?

[yo-gi-ga, dae-jeon, bok-hab, toe-mee-nal-ib-ni-ka?]

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