What to Bring

Coming to SolBridge International School of Business?
Wondering what things to bring with you?
Here are some suggestions made by SolBridge students.


Keep in mind that Korea has four seasons. The summer is hot and very humid. The winters are cold and dry but the past few winters have brought unexpected, record-breaking snow falls. The spring comes early, with magical gusts of warm temperatures and blooming trees. The fall seems to carry on for months, entertaining the city and country side with the mystical dance of autumn colors and cool evenings.

  • A warm winter jacket as it gets very cold here in winter
  • A good pair of daily-wear shoes, especially if your feet are over size 9 for men
  • At least one sweater for winter and a light zipper sweater to wear at school
  • Summer clothes...shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc.
  • Regular and transfer students should being at least one set of formal clothes for presentations, formal events, and other special functions. Exchange students, there will probably be an opportunity to dress formally during your time at SolBridge
  • Traditional clothing – There will be opportunities to showcase your culture here at SolBridge during multi-cultural festivals, and through volunteer activities
  • Sheets are available here but Koreans have a different standard for quality of sheets (they’re not 100% cotton), so if you are particular, bring your own sheets
  • Some people recommend a blanket or quilt
  • Koreans don’t use full size bath-towels, they only use hand-towels, so again, if you are particular, bring some bath towels

Personal Care

Personal care products is a huge industry in Korea, and products are generally easy to find with local convenience stores carrying a wide variety choices, but international brand names are hard to find. If you are particular, bring your own toothpaste, deodorant, or perfume. If not, don’t worry about it.


  • Electricity in South Korea is 220 volt outlets, with a frequency of 60Hz. If you bring a device that does not accept 220 Volts at 60 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter (better to buy in Korea as they are very heavy). Things like blow dryers can be bought in Korea. Remember, Korea is famous for electronics, you can probably buy most things here and save space for other items.
  • Bring your laptop from home; purchasing one in Korea is definitely an option, and may even be cheaper, but because of warranty and language issues, we recommend buying one before you come. Verify that your laptop will work at 220 volts and 60Hz before bringing it.


  • If you take regular prescription drugs, bring several months’ supply with you. Prescription drugs may be obtained only after visiting a doctor in Korea.
  • If you have favorite, over-the-counter remedies you use, you might want to bring them, although Korea has just about every drug you will need readily available at local pharmacies.

Comfort Food and Spices

If you like to cook or like the tastes of home, bringing some of your favorite spices, soup mixes, packaged seasoning to spice up your home cooking will be a great idea

Cell phone (Mobiles)

  • If you are using a 3G phone, you may have problems. There shouldn’t be any problems with a 4G phone. Wi-Fi is available in many places throughout Korea, including the dormitories and SolBridge.
  • Purchasing a used mobile phone or signing a two year contract for full service are options available to you.

Wondering about other items to bring or not to bring? For advice contact us at : info@solbridge.ac.kr

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