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The Evolution of Marketing in the Digital Age: Dr. Frank Mulhern, Northwestern University

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As part of a 2-day visit to Woosong University on 22-23 May, Dr. Frank Mulhern provided SolBridge students with a lecture on Integrated Marketing Communications and the evolution of marketing and brand management in the digital age.

As Associate Dean at Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University, and Honorary Professor at Woosong University, Dr. Mulhern introduced the key concepts of Integrated Marketing Communications, identified and defined its four main areas, namely advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations. The key to successful marketing in today’s digital age involves the convergence of all four areas. More than oil, data has become the most valuable asset and big data giant companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon keep growing and driving the digital revolution. Unlimited access to data has given major big data companies a substantial competitive advantage to better understand new trends.


A group of Woosong students at Northwestern University early this year

Dr. Mulhern’s lecture at SolBridge is an introductory session to a one-week Certificate Programme held for SolBridge students at Northwestern University, in Chicago, from August 5th to 9th 2019. The Big Data Summer Workshop will provide a deeper understanding of new communication technologies and the evolution of brand management in the digital era. The academic experience at Medill School will be combined with the visit of leading American companies in the field of big data in Chicago.

All SolBridge students planning to take the Data Analytics Minor are encouraged to apply for the programme at their earliest convenience and submit their hard and soft copies to Mr. Romain Bartolo (rbartolo@solbridge.ac.kr), 5th floor.


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