On Campus Scholarships

Both International and Korean Students are held to the same scholarship standards. To receive any on-campus scholarships (Merit-based Scholarship and Need-based Award):

BBA students must earn 15 credits during the assessment period and must not receive an “F” letter grade.

MBA students must earn 12 credits while MS students must earn 9 or more credits during the assessment period and must not receive an “F” letter grade. Each student who is not OVER YEAR is eligible for up to one type of On Campus Scholarship for any assessment period.

The SolBridge academic year consists of two assessment periods, one in the spring and one in the fall. Each assessment period is in the form of a fifteen-week semester followed by an additional six-week inter-session semester (six weeks in the summer for the spring semester, six weeks in the winter for the fall semester).



Students’ Admission Scholarships are valid for their first semester at SolBridge. For the subsequence semesters, students’ scholarship will be based upon earning a higher Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or Combined Grade Point Average (CBGPA) following the Scholarship Bracket below:

CGPA or CBGPA (Higher of Two) Scholarship Percentage
4.5 100%
4.25 – 4.49 70%
4.00 – 4.24 60%
3.75 – 3.99 40%
3.60 – 3.74 30%

* Scholarship maintenance policies are subject to change by SolBridge Scholarship Committee.


Students are admitted to SolBridge with the understanding that they or their families will have the continuing financial resources to complete their degree programs. Recognizing that unanticipated short-term financial emergencies may arise during the course of their studies, a Need-based Award has been established.

Only students with short-term or unanticipated financial emergencies during the past six months; and who are not qualified for other scholarships, are eligible to apply. Students may apply for a Need-based Award any time during the year when a special circumstance arises. To qualify, BBA applicants must have earned at least a 2.50 CGPA or CBGPA, whichever is higher in their most recently completed assessment period, no F grade and must have earned a minimum of 15 credits during the assessment period. Master applicants must earn at least a 3.20 CGPA or CBGPA, whichever is higher in their most recently completed assessment period.

The applicant must explain and document in detail the reason(s) for their inability to meet their SolBridge financial obligations in the forthcoming assessment period. Awards will be limited to a maximum of 30% and apply only to the forthcoming assessment period. Consecutive awards will not be granted. BBA students may be eligible for no more than two awards during their program. Master students are limited to one award during their program.

Scholarship policy is subject to change by SolBridge Scholarship Committee.


Students admitted to SolBridge on a full-time basis are eligible to apply for a variety of part-time job opportunities on campus after their first semester of studies. Students may work a maximum of 40 hours per month. Positions range from research assistant, office assistant, residence assistant, library assistant, writing center tutor, stationery assistant, and others.

SolBridge offers seasonal part-time job opportunities in the summer and winter intersessions and study break periods. Such positions include: peer-group leader, admissions assistant, camp assistant, and others.


Full-time international students may apply for part-time job opportunities off campus after their first semester at SolBridge. Part-time work for a full-time student must not exceed 80 hours a month. Students are required to receive a work permit from the Korean Immigration Office. SolBridge students interested in working off-campus must abide by the immigration laws governing their student visa status. Failure to adhere to the laws will result in deportation from Korea and a financial penalty.

The Finance Office is located on the 5th floor of SolBridge to assist students with scholarships and tuition fee inquiries. For general inquiries about scholarships, please write to: scholarships@solbridge.ac.kr

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