2+2 Program

In this program, BBA students may obtain two degrees upon graduation, one from SolBridge and one from one of our partner universities. Students complete two years of study at SolBridge and two years at another university. Those who wish to pursue this line of study must follow a specific curriculum that matches the course and credit requirements of SolBridge and that of the partner institution.

Students who participate in the 2+2 program are not required to pay any fees to SolBridge after they transfer to the partner university, and any scholarships held at SolBridge prior to the transfer are void. In some instances, however, the agreement between SolBridge and the host university may require students to continue paying tuition at SolBridge. Students are advised to consult with the Study Abroad Office about payment terms and scholarships before applying.


In order to apply for an outbound 2+2 program, students must meet the following SolBridge criteria:

Credits 70 credits completed in 4 regular semesters
CGPA 1.8 (for SolBridge degree)

Students should also ensure that they meet the host university’s admission requirements (please visit the host university website for details) and meet all the important deadlines set by the host university.

After transferring to a partner university, students in the 2+2 program are required to send official copies of their transcripts to the SolBridge Study Abroad Office each semester to maintain their academic status at SolBridge. Students must also keep the Study Abroad office informed of their registration status at the partner school.

Upon completion of the program, students are required to submit official copies of their final transcript and a copy of their diploma to the SolBridge Study Abroad Office to obtain a SolBridge degree. Students are also required to apply for graduation and complete the graduation checklist to obtain their SolBridge degree.

Application Procedure

Below are the basic steps that students need to take to submit an application for a 2+2 program. Students should carefully review the steps in the application procedure to avoid any delays in processing of their application.

  1. Check the eligibility requirements of SolBridge and the host university.
  2. Consult with SolBridge Study Abroad Office about the available partner universities, and inform the office of your decision to determine the study plan you need to complete in order to be eligible.
  3. Submit the outbound application form at least one week before the nomination deadline of the university you have chosen along with the following required documents. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis:
    • SolBridge transcript
    • One clear copy of the student’s passport ID page
    • TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC score report
    • Two photographs
    • Copy of alien registration card (international students only)
  4. If you are eligible, you will be invited for an interview.
  5. After successfully completing the interview, students will be nominated to the host university and subsequently asked to fill out application forms of the host university.
  6. Find out about the visa application procedure and requirements, and pay any advance fees required by host school.
  7. After getting the acceptance letter from the host university, apply for visa and make travel arrangements.
  8. Meet with your CAP advisor to discuss your plans about studying abroad.
  9. Submit the Clearance Checklist to the Student Services Manager before your departure and inform the Study Abroad Office and the host university of your travel dates.

Please refer to the 2+2 Programs Handbook for further details. You may download an electronic copy by clicking the image on the right.

Dual Degree Handbook
BBA Dual Degree

The Study Abroad Office is located on the 5th floor of SolBridge to assist students with outbound program applications and inquiries. For general inquiries about outbound programs, please write to: studyabroad@solbridge.ac.kr

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