SolBridge prides itself on nurturing the next generation of global business leaders. Our graduates should be worldly, adaptable, knowledgeable, and self-assured in their competencies. The recent transformation of the BBA program ensures this. We spent considerable time benchmarking top institutions in the process of developing the new program and took the strongest elements of programs from around the world, blending it with our own unique SolBridge vision, and shaped it into what the BBA program is today. A program that stands out as competitive, well-rounded, and globally impactful.


Following the SolBridge mission, we emphasize GACCS – Global Perspective, Asian Expertise, Cross-Cultural Competence, Creative Management Foundation, and Social Responsibility – this program will give you the edge you need to embrace the role of a global business leader.


Through our Foundational First-year, we create a nurturing environment where you will gain a well-rounded global perspective, and build several cross-cultural competencies. Students will face the same challenges together and triumph as a united group.


This is facilitated by MySolBridge, an innovative platform that unites students and faculty, and fosters a sense of belonging. This is yet another initiative that assists in self-development, professional development, social-development, and academic-development. This platform proudly facilitates all five elements of GACCS.


We are making sure our students are ready to compete in the global arena in our new Career Tracks where students will follow curricular and co-curricular activities tailored for their individual needs. Here, students will master Asian Expertise, enhance their Global Perspective, and explore their inner Creative Management.


Finally, our unique Business Practice opportunities fully actualize GACCS. Here, you will gain global experience by taking part in study-abroad programs, exchange programs, and internships. Throughout the four years of study, you will have many opportunities to hone your skills and competencies, ensuring you inspire the global business leader in you.

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