Family Scholarship

To assist with the financial obligation for the parents of existing SolBridge students, SolBridge provides The Family Scholarship. When a fully registered student of SolBridge has a sibling (brother or sister, immediate family only) who will attend SolBridge, the sibling will be awarded a 20% scholarship tuition fee. This scholarship is available on admission and can be maintained while both siblings are attending SolBridge.
This scholarship is automatically provided on evidence of sibling relationship.

Family Scholarships are valid for the following periods:

  • BBA Regular Student – 1 year
  • BBA Transfer Student – 1 semester
  • MBA Regular Student – 1 semester
  • MSMA Regular Student – 1 semester

Once this period expires, students can maintain their initial scholarships by earning a GPA of 3.6/4.5 or higher.

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