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SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Saidakbar Ikramov

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This month we are proud to recognize Saidakbar Ikramov, who enrolled in SolBridge back in 2019. He is now working at one of the most innovative biotech companies in South Korea, Bioneer Corporation, as an Overseas Sales Manager. This interview is conducted with the help of SolBridge Alumni Association.

“Always strive for excellence”
Q 1. Could you briefly tell us about your company?

Well, I work as an Overseas Sales Manager at Bioneer Corporation located in Daejeon.

Bioneer was the first Korean biotechnology company when it was established in 1992. The company has developed state-of-art molecular biology products and technologies including oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, and instruments of gene manipulation (automatic nucleic acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time QPCR instruments, and DNA sequencer). 
Q 2. Did you have any special reason or motivation for getting a job in your industry?

As you know getting a job as a foreigner right after graduation is not an easy thing in South Korea. In my last semester at SolBridge, I did an internship in this company and during the internship period, I understood how many infectious diseases are there in the world including in my own country - Uzbekistan. We always work with statistics and know how many people are suffering from various diseases and dying because of inefficient diagnostic methods. As a salesperson in a biotech company, you not only help to increase sales but also by making sales, you help to save someone’s life and decrease the disease burden in that specific country. For that reason, I decided to start my career in this industry, I am pretty sure that, if can I become a good salesperson in this industry then other industries would seem more straightforward.

Q 3. How is your daily life at your place? What kind of work are you in charge of, or do you have any vision (or goal) at your company that you have thought of? We would like to know your further future plans.

I work as an overseas sales manager for CIS countries and my main duty is to find distributors and potential end-users for our molecular diagnostics and life science research products. Daily we contact, negotiate, and organize conference calls with distributors, research centers, Ministries of Health, and KOLs in the biotech industry of CIS countries. As of now, my primary goal is to help Bioneer enter as many new markets as possible because as a person coming from a CIS country, I do understand their nature and policies better, thus I would like to increase Bioneer sales in these CIS countries and help to decrease infectious disease rates.

Q 4. Do you have any advice or preparations for getting a job in your industry for our SolBridge students? plus, what kind of school program have you participated in or contributed to be in your current position?

If someone wants to succeed at finding a job in South Korea, he/she needs to prepare from the first semester, not after graduation! Participate in as many competitions and events as possible. From my first semester, I actively participated in all entrepreneurship and start-up competitions, ambassadorship opportunities, and job fairs inside and outside of SolBridge. I lost a lot of them but at the same time, I became a winner in more than 20 of them during my Bachelor’s journey. By participating in competitions and events you enrich your resume and expertise in the business field, eventually making you a strong candidate for the available positions in the South Korean job market.

Q 5. Is there any other concept you will need when it comes to getting a job in your industry?

The most important thing is telling the truth. The majority of university graduates try to exaggerate or lie on their resumes and during job interviews. Always try to show all your strong sides and skills only by telling the truth, whenever you tell the truth and sound natural you will leave a good impression on the hiring committee and they will either hire you or will look to your candidature in the future job openings. Learn about the company, its strong and weak points, and mention what kind of specific impact you can make on the organization if they hire you. Professionally use storytelling by mentioning statistics, as they say, actions speak louder than words, explain what you have achieved in your previous internships or any job experiences related to the business field.

Q 6. What does SolBridge mean to you?

For me, SolBridge means “Transformative Journey”
SolBridge represents more than just a business school. It is a transformative journey that has broadened my understanding of international business. The school's commitment to fostering a global mindset, diverse perspectives, and practical skills has not only enriched my academic experience but has also equipped me with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape. For me, SolBridge is synonymous with excellence, diversity, and preparation for success in the international business arena. SolBridge gave me a chance to better understand my real passion for entrepreneurship and international business.

Q 7. What is the attitude that you want students to have when they enter the job market? (Please feel free to give any advice to our students should you have one!)

Always strive for excellence, even in the face of challenges. Approach new opportunities with genuine passion and a hunger for learning. Do not fear failure; see it as a stepping stone to growth. Be adaptable, welcome change, and do not shy away from trying new things. Your journey is a series of experiences that shape your success, so seize each moment with determination and a positive mindset. Remember, the path to success is often paved with perseverance, passion, and an unyielding commitment to your goals. Best of luck in your exciting journey ahead!


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