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Sun Yixuan, Masters Valedictorian, Fall 2023

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Masters valedictorian congratulatory remarks during the Fall 2023 commencement ceremony. 

"Good morning, distinguished faculty, honored guests, families, friends, and the exceptional graduates of SolBridge.My name is Sun Yixuan and I am from China. It is truly an honor to stand before you as the valedictorian of the Fall 2023 MBA.


As we gather here at 10 am, a symbolic hour of new beginnings, we are not just celebrating an academic achievement; we are commemorating a journey of growth, discovery, and collaboration. Our time at SolBridge has been more than an education; it has been an immersion into the complexities and wonders of international business: business and friendships.


Reflecting on our MBA experience, we have navigated diverse cultures, delved into global market trends, and embraced the dynamic nature of the business world. Our classrooms were not confined by walls; they spanned continents, reflecting the interconnectedness of the global economy. We have become ambassadors of knowledge, connecting people and fostering understanding in a dramatic world, bridging gaps and fostering understanding in an ever-evolving landscape.


Today is a testament to the countless hours of dedication, the nights of strategic thinking, maybe even overthinking, and the collaborative efforts that have brought us to this moment. We are not just graduates; we are a cohort of leaders, innovators, and visionaries poised to make a lasting impact in today’s society.


Our professors, mentors, and the entire SolBridge community have played a pivotal role in shaping our perspectives and fueling our ambitions. They have instilled in us the importance of ethical leadership, strategic foresight, and a commitment to making business a force for positive change.


As we step into the next chapter of our lives, let us carry forward the lessons learned within these classrooms. Let us be pioneers of innovation, champions of diversity, and advocates for sustainable practices. The world awaits the unique contributions that each one of us is poised to make.


In this fast world of international business we might play a smaller part, but together we can create a stay of progress, collaboration and excellence. As we venture into new horizons, let us remember that our differences are our strength, our shared knowledge is our power, and our commitment to a better world is our legacy.


To my fellow graduates, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. May the skills we've honed, the relationships we've built, and the knowledge we've acquired guide us toward success and fulfillment.


Thank you, SolBridge, for being our launchpad into the global arena. Congratulations, Fall Class of 2023! Our journey has just begun, and the world awaits the mark we will leave on it."




Sun Yixuan, Masters Valedictorian, Fall 2023 

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