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Entrepreneurial Mindset – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series

Category : | Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2022.07.06 | Hit : 4,655


Prof. Nir Hindi from IE Business school delivered the second special lecture on the Entrepreneurial mindset in the SolBridge Entrepreneurship competition lecture series. Prof. Nir has a natural-born desire for entrepreneurship and has been involved in different entrepreneurial ventures from a young age. He is a Professor at IE Business School and the founder of The Artian. This transdisciplinary training company fuses and mixes art mindset in business and technology environments to pursue originality. He is also a mentor in startup programs such as Startupbootcamps, Endeavor, MIT, and Harvard.

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful, fulfilling, and exciting way of living. It is the way one acts in their day-to-day. Hence entrepreneurship, first and foremost, starts with mindset – whether one wants to own their own company or not, an entrepreneurial mindset is critical. In this lecture, Prof. Nir examined entrepreneurship as a mindset and highlighted some essential questions each person should ask before jumping into this world. Participants were introduced to the world of entrepreneurship through Prof. Nir's entrepreneurial path and learned the key lessons about leveraging personal skills, networks, and the abilities to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. 


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