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Global Collaboration and Acceleration Strategy – SolBridge Business Competition Lecture Series

Category : | Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2022.07.06 | Hit : 4,896


In preparation for the 2021 SolBridge Entrepreneurship Competition, SolBridge Entrepreneurship Center organized a series of special lectures and seminars that provided business and start skills to all SolBridge students interested in finding more information about the process of taking a business from an idea to a successful venture. Mr. Sokjin Chang delivered the first lecture in this series entitled the “Global Collaboration and Acceleration Strategy.”

Sokjin Chang is the Director of International Cooperation at Born2Global Centre, the Korean government’s global startup incubation and acceleration agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Mr. Chang has extensive experience in global investment, international cooperation, and development assistance in government and the public sector. Before his current role, he worked with the Korean government, including the former Ministry of Planning and Budget, Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Presidential Council on National Competitiveness.

Using Korean startup examples, he highlighted the Korean startup ecosystem. He shared ways students can transition their business ideas into successful startups and highlighted some key elements and strategies that aspiring entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when expanding their startups to the global market.


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