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Mirella Santos de Oliveira: April 2020 SolBridge Alumni Highlight

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This month SolBridge recognizes Ms. Mirella Santos de Oliveira, a SolBridge BBA graduate, Spring 2016, and currently an Application IT Manager at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Upon graduation, Mirella worked in multiple Tech Startups in San Francisco, Australia, Slovakia, and Brazil. Even though she studied business, Mirella developed a passion for ICT, and her work experiences allowed her to enter the field of technology.

Before joining Greenpeace, she worked with Customer Success in technology companies developing and supporting the bridge between developers, software testers and the customers. She started working with support and quickly moved into managing key accounts and onboarding high profile customers, building relationships, and managing her very own small development team.

While at SolBridge, she founded the SolCaring Volunteer Club in 2014, one of the most impactful clubs at SolBridge and around Daejeon. “The lessons I learned from building and managing this club are still applicable today at my current workplace Greenpeace.” She said. She was also involved in other club activities, including the SolBridge Debate Society (SDS), where she developed her critical thinking skills.  She debated and judged for SDS for three and a half years, an activity she misses.

Mirella also utilized all the opportunities that SolBridge offered, including; attending an exchange semester in the Netherlands, being a Research Assistant, and participating in different business case competitions around Asia.

“My advice to all current students is: take advantage of all the opportunities SolBridge hands on to you; participate in the case competitions; sign up for clubs; take electives that are challenging; build a good relationship with your professors and engage in sports. By the time you graduate, you’ll have so much more than your diploma!”  says Mirella.


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