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Experiencing Korean Culture; Students Day Trip to Yongin Korean Folk Village

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On saturday, 13th April, 2019 SolBridge students had their second excursion this semester organized by SolBridge Student Council to Yongin Korean Folk Village. Assem Sarsenova shares with us her experience.

“Yongin is famous for its Korean Folk Village called Minsok, a living museum type of attraction.  I was thrilled to see this beautiful place Yongin as one of the trips organized by the Student Council this semester.

Minsok Village is a great place to learn more about Korean culture and history.  Through this trip, I learned a lot about Korean history, the old traditional houses and how Korean people lived before Korea became such a developed country.  Besides this, I visited the Korean Folk Museum, where I was able to see the evolution of Korea from the Joseon period to what it is today.




We watched and enjoyed continuous traditional performances including the Equestrian Feats, a performance that presented the essence of horseback riding; the traditional wedding ceremony that proceeds against the quiet backdrop of a noble man's mansion. The performances were fascinating to both the local and international students.

Besides, I was delighted in the beauty of nature and cherry blossoms; that is why I think spring or autumn is the best time to visit Minsok. Also, there is a beautiful park with a lake, perfect for taking pretty pictures. I was pleasantly surprised to see the amusement park; it was a beautiful blend of traditional and modern attraction. My friends and I got the opportunity to try out different Korean games such as Knock and Run.

Also, there is a fantastic food court, where you can find many cafes for every taste; from Korean cuisine to burgers, to the imitation of street food.  We got to taste a variety of delicious Korean foods like Old-style glutinous rice taffy, tteokbokki, cheese, and honey hotteok.




The four hours we spent in Minsok Village went by pretty fast given the number of fun activities we got to do. I am so happy and appreciate the student council for organizing this trip. I hope to participate in more excursions to come.”




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