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A day Trip to Gangneung | Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House

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Getting to know Korea is more than spending exciting weekends in Seoul and partying in Gangnam. Every part of the country has incredible beauties and exploring them will bring you unique experiences and memories. Knowing this, SolBridge’s Student Council organised and guided an excursion to Gangneung - Anmok Beach and Ojukheon House, an east-sea side town located around 275km from Daejeon.

Our excursion started at 6:30 am on a Saturday, and the Student Council Associates were already there preparing breakfast and setting up for the students so that they could have safe and quality time during the bus trip. It took us approximately three hours to get to our first stop at Ojukheon House, one of Korea’s national treasures.

Ojukheon, the birthplace of the Korean Neo-Confucian scholar, Yulgok Yi I and his mother, Shin Saimdang, is a fantastic place to get closer to Korea’s history and architecture. All traditional houses, built in black bamboo, were open for us to appreciate their details. The historical artifact had descriptions both in Korean and English, making the tour even more educational and exciting. Also, the park has its museum with Yulgok Yi I and Shin Saimdang’s original works, a unique opportunity to get to know closely such great symbols of Korea.



Back on the way to Anmok Beach, we went through small villages surrounded by mountains and all covered in snow. The winter view of the forest gave this tour an even more magical feeling.

Our next stop was Anmok, a beautiful sea-side town most known for its Coffee Street, with unique coffee shop brands and cafeterias. It provides tourists with a stunning view of the ocean while enjoying different types of coffee in a comfortable place. At the beach, some students also had a good time on a boat ride that can be purchased locally by a few Wons, took pictures near the blue sea water and fed the birds. Even though it was still winter time, Anmok proved us that going to the beach is a lot more than sun baths and swimming; it can also be a heartwarming and cheerful place no matter the season.




After a day full of activities and new learnings, SolBridge’s shuttle bus arrived at the dormitory around 8:00 p.m, bringing all students safely home with renewed energy so they could enjoy the rest of their weekend. Joining the Student Council’s excursion is an opportunity for you to feel not only part of SolBridge’s family and become closer to your new friends, but it also makes you feel part of a real and enchanting Korea.




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