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SolBridge Students participate in a Coding Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Category : | Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2018.03.02 | Hit : 9,006

Aleksandra Chen, a BBA student, participated with five other SolBridge students in a Coding Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, during the Winter break. The Coding Camp was organized under the supervision of Professor Young-Eun Park, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at SolBridge. As the Spring semester starts soon, Aleksandra is sharing her experience as an enthusiastic coding newbie.

“I was always confused how code written by people could turn into web pages and successful web applications. That is why when SolBridge released the opportunity to join the Nomad Coding Camp program, I definitely decided to apply, and I got it! 

I was so afraid coming to the camp without any previous coding experience; however, our mentors Lynn and Nicolas supported us throughout the entire program. They shared their own experience of coding, running business, job markets, or cryptocurrency. Eventually, at the end of the camp, we were all able to reach our objective of cloning Instagram pages.

Overall, thanks to SolBridge, we spent an amazing time at the Nomad Coding Camp exploring coding in Thailand ”.



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