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SolBridge Launches KOSDAQ CEO Mentoring Program

Category : [2012]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.10.02 | Hit : 74,136

Following the success of last semester’s CEO Mentoring Program, this semester a new mentoring program with KOSDAQ CEOs was launched.

Under this program, KOSDAQ listed companies and SolBridge International School of Business partner together to develop the next generation of Asian thought leaders. Six CEOs of KOSDAQ listed companies who have an ample and distinguished experience working in major Korean corporations will act as mentors for 30 students of our academic programs.

During this mentoring program, students will get first‐hand experience learning from experts from top global corporations within Asia. They will gain a fresh insight into the responsibilities of being successful business leaders and managers enabling them to be better equipped to deal with real life business decisions in their future professions.

Each of the CEOs and their representative companies participating in this program represents both diversity as well as cutting-edge fields:

  • Hans Biomed Corporation Hwang Ho-chan
  • S-Energy LTD. Hong Sung-min
  • Next Chip Co. LTD Kim Kyoung-soo
  • Hicel Co. LTD Jean Yang-gon
  • Lutronic Corporation Gwon Gyeong-won
  • Yujin Robot Co. Ltd Shin Kyung-chul

This program will run for one academic year. Each mentor will have a minimum of 4 mentoring sessions per semester with his group of mentees, which implies a total of 8 sessions for each mentor for the entire program.

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