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SolBridge Global Center Hosts Best Fair Practice

Category : [2012]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.09.22 | Hit : 69,323

How to improve a school’s marketing strategies to recruit students was the subject of a recent one-day seminar at the SolBridge Global Center.

On September 19, the SolBridge Global Center held its first Best Practice Fair. Marketers gave presentations on recruiting strategies, e-Marketing, mentoring and video tours, and after the presentations there were question and answers sessions to further share ideas and practices.

Special guest Mr. Peter Lundby, Director of International Recruiting for Troy University, Alabama, USA, participated with the Best Practice Fair by giving advice and critiquing the best practices. Global Center plans on having a Best Practice Fair once a semester to improve its services and practices with recruiting and marketing.

The recruiters and their presentations:

Ms. Oksana Hegay - Recruiting Practices in Mongolia and Russia

Mr. Johnny Ruan - Several Strategies of E-Marketing

Mr. Ony Jamharri - Support and Monitoring for International Students: Utilizing Social Media Groups

Mr. Ho Xuan Ba - Vietnam Market

Mr. Iskandar Yuldashev- Recruiting Practices in Central Asia and the Middle East

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