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SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Dahye Lee

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This month we are proud to recognize Dahye Lee, who enrolled in SolBridge back in 2014. She is now working as one of the biggest e-commerce company in South Korea. She is currently working as a Recruiting Coordinator of Coupang. This interview is conducted with the help of SolBridge Alumni Association.

“Be bold and utilize the resources around you”


Q1. Pleasure to meet you! Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Dahye Lee - currently at Coupang as the Recruiting Coordinator (RC). I entered SolBridge back in 2014, and it’s such a pleasant surprise to be doing this interview!


Q2. Could you tell me what motivated you to work at Coupang?

Coupang’s RC process is very intact. HR carries out various engagement activities to ensure that the candidates have the best possible Coupang experiences. This came across to me as something very attractive. I’m involved in various HR projects to contribute to the improvement of the overall experiences.


I joined Coupang during the COVID pandemic, many companies were going through a period of downsizing of stagnant growth. Coupang however were expanding to Taiwan and Japan. I thought that I’d also be able to grow together with the company.


Q3. What’s it like to be a Recruiting Coordinator at Coupang?

I think many people may be unfamiliar with the RC field, so I’ll briefly provide some background. In the Business Candidate Experience team, we consider each candidate as a primary customer. We carry out various activities to ensure that they have the optimal customer experiences. Notably- notification of a prompt interview scheduling, signing of the employment contract and on-boarding. All of the process is closely monitored and managed to ensure that the in/external customers will have positive employment experiences.


Let me briefly summarize my daily routine at work. I start the day by checking new candidates and cross-checking their current status with the respective recruiters. Then I coordinate their interview schedules, and communicate with interviewers in advance. As this is a subsidiary company recruitment, I coordinate with their HR to align the real-time updates and share them with my team. I wrap up the day by checking the meetings and interviews for the following day.


Q4. Before you joined Coupang, I heard that you had various experiences. Is there a particularly memorable experience you’d like to share?

Before entering Coupang, I worked as a flight attendant at one of the Middle East Airlines. The position had no direct relevance to my major, and it was a huge challenge for me to live and work in a Muslim country that was so culturally different.

At SolBridge, I grew as a person together with so many students from across the world. Overcoming and understanding these differences gave me the desire to work in a larger environment. Qatar Airways has over 160 destinations with flight attendants from all corners of the world. I thought this would be an invaluable experience and I was lucky to have been able to gain such a precious experience.


Q5. What does SolBridge mean to you?

[SolBridge - ‘Learning the Challenge Spirit’]

It’s a place for learning what it is like to take on a challenge. Apart from my academic studies, I applied for a short-term study program in China, overseas internship program, working student scholarship, student council and various extracurricular activities. Not only did I improve my language skills, also I was able to gain a huge boost in my self-confidence. Even at times of difficulties, the professors and the CDC(Career Development Center) were always willing to give helpful advice. SolBridge is a place where I was able to elevate my tipping point and widen my values - for that I am so grateful.


Q6. Advice to Solbridgers

I would really ask them to reach out to the professors and seniors. There are times where you just don’t have a clue where to start. Apply from the small programs at school. Start, then if you face some obstacles - consult with professors or seniors. Assuming you are starting from scratch, there are quite a lot of things to prepare. So always keep an eye on your field of interest, and new updates. Don’t just think on your own - be bold and utilize the resources around you!




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