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SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Kimberly Limanto

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This month we recognize Kimberly Limanto, SolBridge alum class of 2018 from Indonesia. With her friends, Kimberly is a businesswoman and proud owner of a bistro called Nomu in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Nomu bistro and café is an eatery carrying the concept of West and East fusion food with various appetizers, main courses, and desserts that are updated almost every week. Conveniently located in the west part of Surabaya, Kimberly oversees the restaurant's day-to-day operation, menu design and selection, and overall customer satisfaction.

Before opening her own business, Kimberly's fluency in English, Korean, and Chinese got her hired by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). KOTRA is a state-funded trade and investment organization operated by South Korea's government to support business partnerships between Indonesian global companies and Korean companies.

Driven by her desire to have full control of her time and energy, Kimberly decided to give up her corporate life and own a business and channel her passion. Although this is her first entrepreneurial project, Kimberly has been known to her friends and families for the longest time to be a culinary enthusiast. She is no stranger to having insights about specific places to eat, signature dishes in different corners of the cities, as well as the best way to enjoy particular kinds of food. It's not uncommon for Kimberly to travel to a foreign country to try the food. In addition to living in Korea for four years, Kimberly also lived in Singapore and the UK – making her culinary exposure extremely rich and diverse.


So when one of her friends' online desert business took off during the pandemic, Kimberly was roped in to use her MBA and love for food to bring the business up by establishing an eatery offering a wide range of food instead of just brownies. Now, you can find Kimberly at Nomu every day, making sure her foods stay delicious, the customers remain happy, and the menu stays innovative.

Kimberly graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree from SolBridge in 2018, though many SolBridgers remember her fondly as the Academic Affairs Assistant on the 5th floor for two years upon finishing her MBA degree.


"Owning a business runs in my family's genes," Kimberly said. "And Nomu brings people together. I'm not talking only about the customers, but also the wonderful people I work with come from different backgrounds, yet all of us share the same passion for food", she added. While giving a tour of her restaurant, she pointed out that chefs at Nomu have experience working and studying in Bali, Japan, Korea, and many more.

Please check out Nomu's IG account _justnomu, and don't forget to visit Kimberly and try Nomu's food when you visit Surabaya!


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