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SolBridge Hosts IISMAVO Indonesian Government Scholarship Award Students

Category : [2022]| Writer : Rezia Usman | Date : 2022.10.11 | Hit : 19,743


This Fall 2022 semester, SolBridge International School of Business is honored to be chosen as a host institution for six Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards Vocational Edition (IISMAVO) program awardees.

The IISMAVO program is the Government of the Republic of Indonesia's scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian undergraduate students for mobility programs at universities overseas, undertaking courses taught by professors with experience from various industries. A total of 14 scholarship awardees get to take classes at Woosong's multiple programs, including SolBridge. On top of being free to undertake different subjects outside their fields of study regardless of their backgrounds. Six students enjoy their lives as SolBridgers while experiencing South Korea's culture and undertaking practical assignments to enhance their skills.

For this scholarship scheme, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia identified 46 host universities in the following countries: South Korea, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Hungary, France, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, and Turkey to send students coming from diverse backgrounds in Indonesia. SolBridge meets the host university criteria set by the Indonesian government, thanks to the SolBridge BBA curriculum that focuses on analytical thinking, leadership capabilities, and networking opportunities. Besides, SolBridge's extracurricular activities provide the students with opportunities to learn in collaboration with the industry and gain work experience and industry/business insights.


The following students: Gisell Tommy, Sharleen Samara, Virli Amelia Ika, Karin Regita Swastika, Aqni Septiana Sutanto, who are currently enjoying their time at SolBridge's BBA program, had to go through highly selective processes to be awarded this scholarship scheme, which covers full semester tuition fee, living expenses and travels to and from South Korea.


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