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Spring 2022 SolBridge Commencement Ceremony

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Friday, June 17th, 2022, marked the return to the traditional in-person graduation ceremony after two and half years of online and hybrid commencement ceremonies. Over 150 graduates from 14 nationalities, including Brazilian, Cameroonian, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Kazakh, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, South African, Uzbek, and Vietnamese, received Bachelor of Business Administration diplomas and Master of Business Administration.

The entire SolBridge community celebrated the graduating student’s determination, hard work, and resilience. “Despite the challenges of the past 2.5 years, you can be celebrated for adapting, surviving, and thriving in both online and hybrid environments,” said Dean Park.

In his congratulatory remarks, President Deog-Seong Oh commended the graduating class of 2022 and highlighted how they could adapt their attitude and respond to the new paradigm of the 4th Industrial Revolution. BBA Valedictorian Elaine Yuki Salim urged her fellow graduates to celebrate this success in surpassing all the hardships they have encountered in this chapter of their lives and encouraged them to improve themselves continuously. “Ahead of us will not be any easier; it will certainly be filled with many new prospects and adversities that we have yet to face. But in whatever circumstances, we must remember to stay positive and keep learning and growing.” She said. At the same time, MBA Valedictorian Sarah Little praised her fellow graduates for leaving their families, friends, and careers behind to earn a degree and forge new connections at SolBridge.


During the ceremony, eight students; Salim Elaine Yuki, Pedatella Refondini Tiago, Nguyen Dinh Long, Thu Chau Minh Dan, Nguyen Phuong Anh, Matyok Georgina Lili, Couvidat Nathanael, and Sarah Little Hellen, were inducted into the SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma an international business honorary society for top-performing business students.


To all our graduating students class of 2022, congratulations and best of luck as you start this new chapter.


Watch the highlights of the graduation ceremony here 

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