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2019 Global Business English Competition at SolBridge

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Last week, 28th November 2019 marked the end of the three-round Global Business English Competition hosted by SolBridge General Education program. The competition was a great opportunity for SolBridge BBA students to test their English abilities.


In round one, students must pass a business English and global general knowledge test designed to test them on a variety of topics related to SolBridge's GACCS (Global Perspective, Asian Expertise, Cross-cultural Competence, Creative Management Foundation and Social Responsibility) mission statement. In round two, students presented a folk tale from their culture to a panel of judges, making their story engaging and highlighting its relevance for a modern audience. Students that made it to the third and final round interviewed a special guest, introducing them, asking well-researched questions, and wrapping it up - just like an interviewer on a real TV show or podcast would.


We would like to congratulate the students below for winning this year’s competition.


Gold Prize Winner:

Dan Chau Minh Thu


Silver Prize Winners: 

Valeriya Galandina 

Pawel Japa 


Bronze Prize Winners:

Aleksandra Chen 

Joshua Chua Kah Hian 

Boburmirzo Sirojiddinov 

Ismail Ouifaqui

Michaela Maria Dizon 

Nghiem Thi Tuyet Anh 


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