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President Endicott’s Message to the Class of 2018; SolBridge Commencement Ceremony Fall 2018

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Chairman Kim, Dean Rose, special guests from Woosong University, distinguished faculty, graduates, families, and friends. It's indeed an honor to welcome all of you to another SolBridge Graduation. Today we're graduating 72 of our students; 49 with BBAs, 23 with MBAs. They come from 14 different countries; 19 from China, one from Azerbaijan, nine from Kazakhstan, 22 from Korea, one from Mongolia, one from Morocco, one from Nepal, two from Indonesia, six from Russia, four from Uzbekistan, one from USA, one from Spain, one from Thailand, and three from Vietnam. Welcome everyone, congratulations!

Congratulations to all the graduates! We are proud of you. Your family and friends are proud of you; we ask you to be proud of yourself and SolBridge. In a few minutes, I have to welcome and congratulate you. Let me focus on the nature of your college here and your experience while at SolBridge. We started out to be different; in fact, we sought diversity and an American-style experience without going to America and making you as comfortable in a challenging and ever-changing environment as possible. In essence, we stress soft skills; now the whole world has realized that soft skills are essential. We introduced to you debate; and when you got too good at debate, we brought you win-win negation skills, so you do not win the debate and lose the contract. We have increased emphasis on entrepreneurship and your ability to respond to challenges of small and medium businesses, the real centre of job expansion in the 21st century. Our mission is continually changing to stay ahead in this age of very competitive business environment; to ensure that you will be the business leaders of Asia, and perhaps, the World, during the turbulence of this 4th industrial revolution. As I welcome you, once you're out in a business world, let me ask you to let us know what we need to teach, what we do not want to teach also to help us with evolve.

Now on behalf of the entire faculty of SolBridge, Woosong Colleagues, welcome to this new beginning. Good luck and congratulations to all graduates. This is your day, enjoy it! Thank you very much.


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