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Sol Seniors’ Award Ceremony

Category : [2012]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.06.23 | Hit : 69,610

Graduation day is a time filled with happiness, jubilation, well-wishes, smiles, and tears. It is both a celebration of the end of one’s educational pursuits and a celebration of the journey graduates will soon embark upon.

This semester, the SolBridge administration and graduation committee along with the SolBridge Student Council wanted to do something special and memorable, as well as fun for the Spring 2012 graduates. In May, the first ever and very successful Sol Seniors Night was held for all prospective graduates to celebrate their upcoming graduation with classmates and faculty.

Before graduates donned their caps and gowns and anxiously awaited the moment when their names were called and they received either their MBA or BBA diplomas, there was one more special event to attend.

In the morning on graduation day, graduates, family, and faculty gathered for an awards ceremony on the third floor where awards were given in such areas as Asia Expertise, Cross-Cultural Competence, Creative Management, and an overall SolBridge Spirit Award. The purpose of the awards was to celebrate SolBridge spirit as well as the school’s mission to educate the next generation of Asian Thought Leaders. The awards were based on a number of criteria and organizers plan to refine the criteria as well as the selection process for future ceremonies to celebrate the SolBridge spirit and recognize students for their individual accomplishments.

The awards ceremony was just part of an information session and rehearsal for the commencement ceremony later in the day. The SolBridge Student Council also provided breakfast for all those in attendance and presented gifts to all prospective graduates.

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