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Students from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) Visit SolBridge

Category : [2012]| Writer : 관리자 | Date : 2012.03.16 | Hit : 79,553

On March 15, a group of students from the National University of Malaysia visited SolBridge. The university is hosting a program called "Knowing Asean+3" in which a group of students and faculty members are required to visit a foreign country to observe and learn about the education and business system to give them an exposure of the international knowledge and thus making them a “first class graduate”.

This year, "Knowing Asean+3" had chosen South Korea as its destination. The objective of the program is to learn about the education and management system in Korea. According to a spokesperson from the school, the reason the SolBridge International School of Business was chosen was because, SolBridge already has an MOU with UK Malaysia and the school sees this as an opportunity to strengthen university relationships. Moreover, the coordinator of this program pointed out that SolBridge has an outstanding academic and curricular activities and believes SolBridge is one of the best business schools in Korea; therefore, the students and faculty member who visited SolBridge could have an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

During their visit to Solbridge, the students and their professor were given a presentation by Dean Jun about SolBridge and its mission as well as hear a talk from the president of SolBridge’s student council. They also had the opportunity to attend a short presentation from a representative of the South Korean Ministry Of Government Legislation about the upcoming 2nd Asian Forum of Legislative Information Affairs (AFOLIA) which will be held in Korea at the end of June.

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