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SolBridge Clubs: Something for Everyone

Category : [2017]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2017.03.17 | Hit : 22,860


It goes without saying that SolBridge students are very serious about their studies as they prepare for their future as the next generation of Asian Thought Leaders. They are also very serious when it comes to choosing the right extra-curricular club to fit their busy schedule as well as those that complement their personality.

Once students have settled into their busy schedules at the beginning of each semester, the SolBridge Student Council sets aside one hour during lunchtime to hold a Club Expo which showcases the various SolBridge clubs. The clubs represent a wide range of interests and activities from sports and academics clubs to cooking, photography, and dancing ones. This semester, twenty-four clubs were available for students to choose from—including perennial favorites, FC SolBridge (football) and the SolBridge Debate Society to the Sol-Cheerleaders Club and Sol-Caring (a volunteer club that helps local orphanages and ties into one of SolBridge’s pillars—social responsibility). Other clubs such as the SolBridge Negotiations Club help students prepare for the busy and hectic business world once they graduate from SolBridge.

 Although the event is organized by the Student Council, if a student has an idea for a club that he or she would like to have, that student can add the club if enough students join. This semester, six new clubs—Sports Club, Banana Skate, Sol-Street Club, Golden China, The Oratory Club, and Meditation Club—were available to choose from.

While the different kinds of clubs have changed and evolved over the years, one thing has remained steadfast—SolBridge students’ commitment to pursue extra-curricular activities to complement their academic life. 


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