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Homecoming 2016

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On Friday, April 29, SolBridge held its first homecoming party ever. Organized by the 8th Student Council, the event drew together over 200 students, faculty and staff members. It kicked off with a basketball game between SolBridge and Woosong students, followed by a buffet dinner in the student cafeteria.


After everyone got the chance to chat and try out different delicious foods, the event resumed for more games and performances including that by the Sol-Cheerleaders, Sol-Dance Club, and the Music Club. The most exciting part of the evening was the lucky draw which gave over 20 students the possibility to win many coupons and gifts.

Since no homecoming is complete without its alumni, we were very thankful to Yeshica Indra, Yuxi Liu, and Hyung-Guk Kang for their time to come and share their stories with us.

We were also deeply honored by the presence of President Endicott and Dean Rose who gave out inspirational speeches.

Everyone was very involved and had lots of fun. The event turned out to be a nice fresh beginning that left us wanting more. We look forward to organizing many more homecoming events in the years to come.
















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