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Platinum Lecture XXXIII: “The Building Blocks of an Innovation Ecosystem for Startup Companies”

Category : [2016]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2016.04.21 | Hit : 58,877

SolBridge’s spring lecture series kicked off recently with its thirty-third Platinum Lecture. Speaking before a standing room only audience in the fourth-floor auditorium, Mr. Carl A. Rust, Associate Vice President of International Initiatives and Principal Director for Industry Collaboration at the Georgia Institute of Technology, delivered a lecture on "The Building Blocks of an Innovation Ecosystem for Startup Companies.”

During his hour-long lecture, Mr. Rust talked about the fundamentals of an ecosystem for a startup company comparing it to ecosystems in the natural world. Although these systems can be delicate, complex, and intricate, the key is in the building blocks, including, but not limited to ideas and talent, funding, and mentors and coaches, and how to arrange them to get the most out of startup company.

“The important thing is how to create a unique ecosystem wherever one works,” Rust said, “not by replicating Silicon Valley.”

Rust also talked about entrepreneurship and shared some stories about his own career in which two of his four businesses had failed.

“Failing as an entrepreneur is commonplace. It’s all about risk,” Rust said. “Failure is okay. Don’t shy away from it. Learn from it.”

And finally, Rust reminded the audience that entrepreneurship is not just about making money.

“It’s about making a difference,” he said. “It’s about having a societal impact.”



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