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SolBridge, Meiji University Sign MOU

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SolBridge and Meiji University signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in early October which joined the dynamism and vitality of SolBridge with the history and reputation of Meiji.

In his welcoming remarks to representatives from Meiji University and members of the SolBridge faculty present for the signing, Dr. John Endicott pointed out that the signing of the one-plus-one program between SolBridge and Meiji will be mutually beneficial and that the experiences students gained in the program will “make them sensitive to the need for positive contributions” to all of East Asia in many areas of endeavor.

“The development of broad understanding throughout the region is of highest priority,” Dr. Endicott said. “It is my hope that together we will open the door to a new era of regional cooperation and understanding. I know of no better way to achieve this goal than joint education.”

Dr. Endicott’s sentiment was echoed by Dr. Eiji Ogasawara, Dean of the Graduate Schools at Meiji University.

“I believe that both graduate schools make a good relation by each specific function and contribute to academical research and practical education area,” Ogasawara said. “I would like to show much respect for professors and staffs in the planning task force who took an effort to build up the program, such as Dean Yong Wook Jun in SolBridge and Professor Masayasu Takahashi in Meiji University.”

The signing of the one-plus-one agreement between the two schools opens up many new doors for SolBridge and Meiji.

“It is an honor to sign this MOU between Meiji University and SolBridge International School of Business,” Takahashi said. “We really appreciate the chance to develop and hope to increase exchange between your university and our university on the basis of proven worth or performance.”

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