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Develop a spirit of service. Be a Sol-Volunteer!
Sol-Volunteer Opportunity
SolBridge International School of Business is looking for AAIDC Volunteers to help with the upcoming Austral-Asian Intervarsity Debating Championship. This is a great opportunity for those who 1) just want to volunteer or 2) would like to learn more about debate. Interested candidates need to contact Ms. Yu-Won Kim by e-mail address ( or by text message (010-7377-9841). Thank you for your consideration.
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Dear Students,
Hi. I'm Yu-Won Kim, Deputy Convener of the Austral-Asian Debating Championship.
We need volunteers who would like to show the cross-cultural competence and true spirit of hospitality for the participants in our debating championship. The event will be from July 15th to July 23rd. If you have plans some days, you are free to adjust your volunteering schedule with our organizing committee. You may choose which day you are available.


As a 'runner' of this event, you will be able to meet the brightest minds from all over the Australs and the Asian region. You will be able to learn how big scale international events are organized and operated. Being a staff in such a prestigious tournament will guarantee you a good resume building experience. Not only do we need runners to distribute food, give directions, guide the participants, etc., but we also need 'media team' members who can take pictures with a camera. If you like taking pictures and making short clips, you are welcome to join our media team.


If you would like to volunteer your time to be a 'runner' or 'media team member,' please contact me by e-mail or through text message at 010-7377-9841. I will be happy to provide you with any details you need. Thank you very much.


Best regards,


Yu-Won Kim    



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