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Student Council

SolBridge Student Council's mission is to create the strongest, most involved and active school community. It works to enhance student life, build school spirit and pride, strengthen the overall school and contribute to charitable causes and to the community. As the chosen student leaders of the school, Student Council works with the school management and administration board, staff members, student body, and local community to represent the concerns and opinions of the student body for the benefit of the school, students, and community.
In addition, Student Council members are in charge of the planning and organizing of many educational and recreational events. These student ambassadors are also responsible for the 21 clubs. They strive to create both a fun and memorable school year and to ultimately pass a legacy for future councils to build upon. Student Council also participates in developing the university’s educational projects, such as anti-bullying policy, anti-cheating campaign, recycling and green living, etc. It promotes and encourages the involvement of as many students as possible in the school activities to improve the quality of life in SolBridge.

Here are the lists of some of the Student Council’s yearly activities:

  • Sol-Care Program: a semester-long program where the Student Council members act as a mentor to help and assist the new students to adapt to SolBridge and their new environment.
  • Associates Recruitment
  • Excursions
  • Club Expo
  • SolBridge Jacket / Hoodies Sign Up
  • Exam Week Surprise
  • Movie Night
  • Homecoming Party
  • Woosong Sports Day
  • Graduation Album (Only for graduates)

SolBridge 9th Student Council, which consists of 8 members from different countries, has to bring ideas, requests, and feedback to the meetings as a representative from each country. Communicate and consult with all of the students in the school to identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the school. This democratic process is used to give other students with different backgrounds and cultures an opportunity to voice their opinion. This way, Student Council is able to officially represent all the students in SolBridge. The 9th Student Council will run under the motto; “Serve with PRIDE, Lead with CONFIDENCE.”

SolBridge  Student Council
SolBridge 2017 Student Council