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Sports Day 2017

Category : | Writer : Ayan | Date : 2017.06.28 | Hit : 10,156


Spring Semester in SolBridge is full of exciting events. One of them is Woosong Sports Day, where SolBridgers have a chance to compete with other departments from Woosong University. 

This year, Sports Day took place from 18th - 19th May 2017. It was an excellent opportunity for SolBridgers to demonstrate their skills in different kind of sports such as Korean Wrestling, Dodge ball, Relay Race, Rope Jumping and Basketball. 

The event started with the welcome ceremony on the 18th and participants walked with their national flags. Different clubs from SolBridge like the Dancing Club, Cheerleaders and the winners of the Homecoming Talent Show came together to cheer up the participants. SolBridgers had a slow start on the first day but performed exceptionally in the Korean Wrestling, Tag of War and Wrestling. SolBridge took first place in the Tag of War, 2nd place in Korean Wrestling and 3rd place in Dodge Ball. We are also proud of our runners for the great job done. 

Overall, Sports Day is a fantastic event organized by Woosong University. Students get to exercise their talents while having lots of fun. Also, all SolBridgers get to show off their team spirit against other teams.


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