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Celebrating Diversity at SolBridge: Culture Day 2017

Category : | Writer : Sharon Nabwire | Date : 2017.11.15 | Hit : 14,133


Last Friday, November 10, 2017, SolBridge fraternity gathered together for Culture Day one of the most renowned annual events at SolBridge. Currently a home to students from 56 countries, SolBridge celebrated its diversity and cross-cultural community through a food festival, traditional attires, music and performances. Through this event, both international and domestic students get the opportunity to share their culture and heritage. Participants get to develop an appreciation for the different cultures represented at SolBridge.

After long hours of preparation, the event kicked off with a food festival with students showcasing some of the cuisines in their home countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, France and much more.  Filled with excitement and curiosity, students and faculty tried different foods from various countries as the attendants on the stalls explained about the foods they were offering. 


Celebrating from afar, Dr. Endicott (President of Woosong University) and Dr. Rose (Dean of SolBridge) wished the students a beautiful day in a video recording. “Celebrate your ethnicity and background and let everyone else celebrate with you” – Dr. Endicott encouraged students.

Under the theme “A Journey to Remember” the Masters of Ceremony took us on a journey to 15 different countries as representatives presented their traditional performances from South Korea all the way to Morocco. Other countries that performed included; Bangladesh, China, France, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Uganda and Vietnam.  “From the beginning to the end I was busy watching each country's representative performance on the stage, simultaneously taking photos thereof and broadcasting it to my family and friends scattered around the world through KAKAO Talk,” said Mr. Christopher Kim, Director of Administration.


With the help of a panel of judges, the following countries were recognized in these categories;

Top three Traditional Foods

South Korea



Top three Cultural Performances




Two most active Country Representative(s)



Most-dressed Country

South Korea


Unlike previous events, students were treated to a photo session to help capture the costumes of their traditional attire, a dance battle between different countries and later crowned the day with a cultural parade.

We would like to appreciate all the organizers, the SolBridge Student Council, and all the participants (food festival, presentations, and parade) for the colorful event. It was indeed a Journey to Remember!
















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