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Homecoming 2017; We Came. We Saw. We Loved

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One of the highlights of the spring semester at SolBridge is the school’s annual Homecoming celebration whereby current students and invited alumni celebate this most auspicious event. This year, with the theme “Latino Night,” our students, faculty, and staff got together for a special “Latino” flavored dinner and then enjoyed a wide range of musical and dance performances later in the evening.

During the event, SolBridge graduate Dana Mustafina shared her experiences with current students of life after SolBridge. 

“I advise all current students to start building themselves while at SolBridge. Try to identify what your good at, your passions and dreams" Dana said. "I can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding your identity and what you want to do in life. This includes identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on your strengths and work towards improving your weaknesses.”


Dana Mustafina, BBA Graduate 2016

A total of 17 performances were given during the evening festivities by the Dance Club, Music Club, SolBridge Student Council, and students. The climax of the event was the special talent show competition. SolBridgers showed off their creative side and diversity as highlighted in the performances below;


  • Julia and Fernando - "Say Something" (Dance & Sing)
  • SoHyeon Choi and Giyeon Kim - "Say You Eon't Let Go" (Singing)
  • ByungJun Park - "Rain of Love."
  • Rhaudia, Cherish, Dila, Dhiya and Ricky - “Better then, Better Now.”
  • Fernanda Montanaro and friends - “Sabor A Mi” (Singing)
  • Nayeem – “Laila Main Laila” (Bollywood dance)
  • Crush on You (Vietnamese Girl Group) - Dance performance
  • Gleb Gadelshin - One Person Band
  • Adriana & Hector - "Propuesta Indecente"
  • Aren Silver - Jubu/Hip-hop Dance
  • Sardorbek & Friends - Cup Song

 After the fun-filled performances, a panel of judges composed of a faculty member, staff, alumnus and student deliberated. Rhaudia, Cherish, Dila, Dhiya, and Ricky took first place honors, while Julia and Fernando came in second place, and Nayeen came in third.

Special thanks go to the SolBridge Student Council for the hard work in organizing this outstanding event and our sincere gratitude to the Dean of SolBridge; Dean Rose, the faculty, and staff for the support and all SolBridgers for making this day memorable.














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