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Woosong Global Advisory Board Symposium

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“Educating Future Leaders of the Knowledge-Intensive World : Creating Innovative Platform for Co-Creating Educational Values”

Date: May 31 - June 01, 2011
Place: SolBridge International School of Business


Welcome: Dr. Sung-Kyung Kim, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Woosong University
Introduction and Opening Remarks: Dr. Sang M. Lee, Chairman, The Advisory Board
  Presentations by Board Members (Alphabetical Order)
    President John Endicott, Woosong University
Mr. Xiaoguang Fang, CEO, FG Consulting, China
Dr. Nicholas Horsewood, Oxford University, UK
  Coffee Break (20 minutes)
    Dr. Thanu Kulachol, Senator, Thailand
Dr. Fred Luthans, University of Nebraska, USA
Mr. Robert Manchin, Chairman, Gallup-Europe, Belgium
Dr. D. Clay Whybark, University of North Carolina, USA
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-16:30 Presentation by Individual Board Members (Reverse Order)
The Perspectives on Educational Innovation
    Dr. Sang M. Lee, Session Introduction
Dr. D. Clay Whybark
Mr. Robert Manchin
Dr. Fred Luthans
  Coffee Break (20 minutes)
    Dr. Thanu Kulachol
Dr. Nicholas Horsewood
Mr. Xiaoguang Fang
President John Endicott


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