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MOU Korail Retail

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On January 14, 2013, SolBridge International School of Business and Korail Retail Co. signed an MOU. This agreement was made between two institutions for successful cooperation for both sides’ development and common interests and to provide SolBridge students with internship and job seeking opportunities. Described below is a brief company profile of Korail Retail.

Korail Retail was established in 1936 as a result of the Railroad Incarnation Association. It has led its way into the railroad-based distribution industry as the company operates convenience stores (Storyway), vending machines and shops in railroad stations. These are Korail Retail’s main businesses:

  • Storyway: It is Korail Retail’s convenience store brand. There are approximately 350 stores in operation at nationwide railroad spots.
  • Specialized shops: Korail Retail operates various specialized shops for snacks, clothing, cosmetics and books in railroad stations.
  • Train Shop: As a new shopping service, Korail Retail introduced it in 2007. Customers can buy various local products from all over the country at reasonable prices. Passengers can order products through their phone on the train and pick them up at Train Shops.
  • Vending machines: Korail Retail is the leader of vending machine business in terms of market share and size, and leading innovation of the industry.
  • Resource distribution: The East Sea Office of Korail Retail is located in Mukho Sea Port where railroad meets sea port and has the advantage of loading mineral resources onto trains and vessels instantly.
  • Advertisement: Since November 2008, Korail Retail has led a new advertisement culture through diverse media sources in trains and railroad stations.

The company makes the customer satisfaction as their highest priority by providing high value products and convenient service and strives to be the global leader in the distribution and advertisement industry. As a result, it ranked top 10% by public organization CS evaluation. Besides their business operation, Korail Retail devotes its efforts to sharing with neighbors and making the world a better place to live through various social contribution activities such as welfare for single mothers and children, and charities, cash/goods donations, lunchbox deliveries for senior citizens.


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