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Spring Convocation

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The Spring 2013 semester officially got underway on March 4 with the Welcome Convocation in the fourth floor auditorium.

Speaking before the standing room only auditorium of students and professors, SolBridge’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. John Endicott welcomed returning and new students to SolBridge.

“We have 169 new students this semester from countries representing the future of Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe. That keeps us on an upward trajectory, a trajectory that finds its success in your success,” Endicott said.

During his address, Endicott reminded students of the long road ahead, a road paved with many challenges and opportunities for them, but only if students work hard to achieving their goals.

“Seek information, be flexible, think, be creative, develop your minds and renew the intellectual vigor of the school by asking all the right questions and by participating in the very life of college,” Endicott said. “In the process, may I add, keep a close eye on your standards, your ethics. Never let them suffer as you progress through your SolBridge experience.”

In addition to Endicott’s address, the Chairman of the Woosong Educational Foundation, Sung Kyung Kim, welcomed students and faculty and urged everyone to do their best in the upcoming school year. He also handed out Woosong Global Honor Scholarships to thirteen students from the incoming freshman class.


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