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An Exchange semester in Austria: Student Experiences

Category : | Writer : Kristina Arjakova | Date : 2018.01.22 | Hit : 1,588

All the way from Vienna, Austria, Kristina Arjakova shares her current experience of being an exchange student at FHWien der WKW University of Applied Sciences. Pursuing her BBA at SolBridge, Kristina is our first student to visit our Austrian partner university.

One day, I woke up and had a thought that I want to visit Europe and see it at its best, and I did it. I decided to go for an exchange semester to Vienna, Austria, in the heart of Europe. This is the country where you can feel the best side of Europe, the attractive one. When you arrive in Austria, you immediately feel how cultural and organized this country is. People will always be happy to help you find your way or choose what you need to buy. This is Austria, a country with fascinating mountains, the cleanest water, and unique culture. Moreover, it has another unique thing – Vienna.

Honestly speaking, I did not know much about Vienna before, except Mozart and Opera House, but now it has all changed. When you just walk on the streets in Vienna, you immediately feel like you are part of all this art; it inspires you with every single building or park it has. Besides, Vienna is considered one of the safest cities in Europe and has the best transportation system, so you can live your young life at its best and fullest. I have already traveled to neighboring countries with friends I have met at the university. It is so comfortable and convenient to get around Central Europe. Therefore, Vienna, with all its insights, made me a better version of myself, having best friends from Europe, and falling in love with this country once and forever.